Might there be anything wrong with this statement?

The persecution of “the unvaccinated” begins.

If one looks carefully and closely, one should soon see that this is what is being subtlety, or perhaps, not so subtly implied when media figures and central figures of authority say something like:

[…dramatic music…

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Person-A: I’m constantly being effected by negative news and articles. I can’t seem to be exposed without being left in an anxious and fearful state of mind.

The way you describe it reminds me of like some sort of insect…, like an insect of “anxiety” jumps on us like an…

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This is a fundamental law which exists throughout the entirety of ALL creation/existence which is readily observable by anyone.

The law is based on the following observation — please do not just believe or disbelieve what is being said here but look for yourself to verify if it really is…

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Question: Why do so many relationships end in separation? In divorce?

More often than not it is due to an inability to “truly communicate.” If two people can’t communicate then how do they ever really have any sort of relationship? …

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This article came about as a result of answering a question from the following twitter conversation thread:

As we’re reared or brought-up by our primary caregivers, and by our society, we’re told and/or shown how “things ‘should’ be”, or how things are “supposed” to be. We’re taught “right” from…

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Trump appears to operate within the very basic societally sanctioned and promoted system of “reward and punishment.” He appears to look favorably upon those who favor and support him, and conversely look with great scorn and vindictiveness upon those who don’t. It really does seem to very simply boil down…

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What Is That? And Why Is That? The two questions that appear to be at the core of the activity of inquiry.

“What exactly is that/this?”, and “Why is this (not)happening?”

…it would appear that it is this activity of thought itself that interferes with the ability to just be…

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Two very central experiences in life for us all. Let’s look at how this is so together.

…upon a brief inspection at what it means to be in any form of pain, we find an immense and profound truth of life…, that the experience of any type of discomfort or…

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Might our “undying hope” actually be what’s causing us so much suffering?What if what we all think we’re doing to “improve” our lives in the way of more “movements”, “social justice”, “social change”, “laws”, “regulations”, “policies”, etc., or any kind of inner “self-improvement” is really absolutely worthless and has absolutely…

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Each of our lives are in the hands of everyone else on the planet. Everyone’s actions have the potential of effecting all lives. That is… we all possess the potential of engaging in actions and activities that effect the lives of every human on the planet, not only our own.

Concerned Global Citizen

Supremely active in doing nothing.

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