As Long As Money Rules This World We Will Never Know True Security

Concerned Global Citizen
2 min readAug 11, 2020

The desire for money causes us to lie, cheat, steel, and kill. Where is the security in this?

Because of the desire that is generated by the existence of the concept of money, the vast majority of interpersonal relationships and interactions that make up our daily existence is be based on falseness, deceit, and corruption.

When dealing with anybody that has anything to do with a “job” or “money”, you automatically know everyone has a hidden, or not-so-hidden, agenda that they’re operating from. They have a “self interest” that comes before anything and it makes it pretty much impossible to have a real relationship based on openness, honesty, and trust which would actually provide real security.

The lack of trust that is then generated by such a society only serves to further denigrate, undermine, and erode the fabric of that society. This lack of trust then contributes to the continued experience of insecurity for each of us as we then look to obtain more “money” for the purpose of providing security and the whole sick, stressful, and grinding cycle continues.

Is any of this true?

Please look to see if you can see what is being point to here for yourself. Observe like a scientist, impartially. If you’re partial to something other than what it is you’re observing while you’re observing, then you’re probably not really observing, and if you’re not observing then you have no chance of “seeing” and then really changing.