Can We All See Together, And Therefore Acknowledge That Humanity Is Self Destructing?

We (humanity-as-a-whole) know we are destroying the planet with our continued actions of burning fossil fuels, producing and “throwing out” plastic of all kinds, burning down the Amazon, yet we continue to engage in these activities in this very moment?

We continue to burn fossil fuels in automobiles, power plants, etc.. To be clear, these emissions are poisons yes? I mean, one of the ways in which people commit suicide is by driving automobiles into their garage, closing the door, and leaving the car running is it not? So forget the global warming debate…, the stuff coming out of our tailpipes is poison. So when we’re jogging, walking, or biking along the side of any road with automobiles of any kind in an effort to “improve” our health, we’re inhaling poison.

So we’re knowingly constantly belching poison into our air, which I’m pretty sure immediately has detrimental effects on us. Then, to add insult to injury, this stuff goes up in the atmosphere and “stays there”. And as it stays there it traps sunlight within it.

Add all these things up and we’re starting to see the situation we’re currently in and how utterly perilous it is.

So whomever’s idea it was to burn fossil fuels… I’d say it wasn’t a very wise, prudent, sound, rational, or sane one. And unfortunately it seems, we could list innumerably all of humanities “great ideas” that follow in a vein similar to this one.

So why?

Why? Why? Why? Why?

Why do we continue to engage in these behaviors right into this very moment that we collectively know is harming us and all life on the planet? We know we’re continuing to do harm, and yet we continue to do it, why???

So we’re faced with a situation where we either acknowledge the facts of “what is”, or we don’t. It’s a binary choice. However, each option carries with it very drastically different outcomes.

If we acknowledge it, we at least have a chance of surviving.

If we don’t acknowledge it, as appears to be happening, we lessen our chances for survival all the more. With each passing moment, we continue to paint ourselves further into a corner. We continue to the strengthen certainty that we will indeed succeed in destroying ourselves and the rest of life on the planet.

The right action in this situation seems pretty obvious doesn’t it?

Are we waiting for something?

What exactly are we waiting for?

When we accept “the fact of what is” we then literally have no choice other than to always be guided by it, and it alone. And when this happens “you” are no longer in control, or perhaps more accurately, “you” are no longer under the illusion that you are in control.

And so perhaps this is the reason?

We are not yet ready to “give up control”, or again, the “illusion” of control. It would seem that in order to “give up control”, all we need to do is see that it’s an illusion in the first place and that would automatically take care of the “giving up” part.

And, again — at the risk of repetitive nausea, how do we see that it’s an illusion?

By “acknowledging the fact of what presently is”. By acknowledging “what is”, what is presently occurring both internally and externally. What is actually going on.

For those who subscribe to the belief that humanity is just inherently doomed, and that it’s our destiny to be murderous and suicidal, are you waiting to be right? Waiting to be able to say “I told you so?” The only problem with that stance as you’ll discover, is that you’ll likely not be around to have that experience as you too will be on the list of casualties. This is sort of the point.

So when looking at the facts of the situation, one might conclude that we’re either:

a) Suicidal — that is we are knowingly killing ourselves and everything,


b) We are somehow unknowingly killing ourselves. In which case would imply that we are then somehow unable to see or acknowledge the facts of the situation. This would then imply that at present our faculties of perception are somehow being impaired.

Speaking to pint “a”, I have a feeling that point “b” is more of the case.

Speaking to point “b”, this almost seems like the kind of behavior one sees in people with various addictions, like junkies. The hallmark of an addicted person tends to be the degree to which they continue to engage in self-destructive behavior in order to get their “fix”. This is a situation where humanity as a whole appear to be so trapped in the movement of “desire”, that we appear completely incapable of breaking free of it.

As it may be seen that “pleasure” and “desire” are the motivating forces behind any addiction, we can then observe that “desire” appears to have a “blinding effect”, and that that effect could very well be a lethal one. Therefore, if one were to acknowledge this fact it might then lead one to inquire into exactly what “desire” is?

I’ve spoken at great length in several other articles about this subject, and its relationship to “fear” and ultimately, “thought” as they are all intimately related. So If the reader is interested, I’d like to encourage them to please also check out these other articles.




Supremely active in doing nothing.

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Concerned Global Citizen

Supremely active in doing nothing.

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