Dependence On Thought Is Producing The Very Uncertainty That It’s Trying To Alleviate

Ever just get that feeling like you’ve been somewhere before? Doesn’t it just feel like we keep going around, and around, and around in circles?

When we depend upon a creation of thought for security, like money, or a job, or a gun, or whatever, due to the nature of thought itself what actually winds up happening is that we wind up creating the very uncertainty we’re trying to escape through the creation.

A by product of the “conceptualizing” nature of thought is to “divide” due to the fact that for any concept to come into being, it can only do so against its inverse. How it divides is by creating the “thing” and the “not thing” during the act of conceptualizing. So everything that exists in creation does so as a pair of opposites, a pair consisting of the “positive” and “negative” forms of a thing. Another way to also look at it might be as “stimulus” and “response”.

So for instance, the thought creation of money works as follows:

When you have money you have security, and when you don’t have money you have insecurity. Therefore, in order for the concept of “money” to come into existence, it must also bring along its inverse form/negation as “no money”. This means that for “money” to be experienced, the potential of the experience of “no money” is also created.

So we’ve created this thought concept of “money” for the purpose of providing security for ourselves, however, the very existence of the thing called “money”, also brings into being the existence of the thing called “no money” and it is this inverse that perpetuates and continues to create more uncertainty, so we are then like a dog chasing its own tale. We are caught in a vicious cycle causing us to have to tear and claw at life and basically live in constant conflict with it.

So one is forever plagued by the potential of the “inverse experience” of any creation of thought. More specifically, when there’s a dependence on that thought creation, the result of this dependency(as in the case of security) causes an acute nagging sense of uncertainty due to the existence of its incidentally created opposite. This means that no matter how “much” of the “positive” side you have you always know there’s a “negative”, and therefore uncertain, side to worry, fear, and fret over.

Is any of this true?

Please examine for yourself what is being said here, but be sure to do so without any motive, for as soon as there’s a motive present all true examination has ceased.




Supremely active in doing nothing.

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Concerned Global Citizen

Concerned Global Citizen

Supremely active in doing nothing.

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