Desire Appears to Create Non-Fact

Concerned Global Citizen
2 min readAug 28, 2019


I love my little doggy, but he is very sick and I’m afraid he might die and I might lose him and no longer be able to enjoy his company and existence.

So, naturally I do NOT want my dog to die.

Or, I desire to NOT have my dog die… ever! (just like I’m not supposed to die ever either.)

So I create a desire which says to “NOT have dog die”, or just simply “have dog continue living”. The problem with this is that when these types of things are created, so are their opposite because the two are interdependent(more about this here).

So when we create “NOT have dog die” for instance, the thought “have dog die” must be created first since the act of negating anything, as we’re doing here with the “NOT”, first requires the existence of a “thing” to be “negated”.

So we in effect, wind up also creating this opposite at the same time. The only place this creation can take place is in the present. This means this “unintended opposite” winds up coming into being in the present.

So by having the desire to “have the dog continue living”, this statement can only be true if the dog is presently dying. By treating a non-fact as a fact we in effect wind up pulling reality into alignment with what was originally a non-fact. Since thought is meant to reflect the reality of the present moment as the fact of “what is” we then wind up unknowingly creating and bringing the undesired opposite into the present moment instead.

To be aware means to “see” this in action in oneself in the present moment like lifting up the hood of a running car and studying the running engine. To just observe like a scientist to see what you can learn from your observation.

This constant “learning” in and from the present moment is seeing, is being aware. When one is aware then they are able to most wholly and appropriately fulfill and meet the needs of the present moments circumstances. Whatever they may be.

If one may have the most unfortunate occurrence of severely cutting one’s limb say(perhaps during a bout of anger), one doesn’t just stand there and think about what course of action to take right? One just acts! You get a tourniquet to cut the circulation immediately! etc.

This is really no different.

Is any of this true?

Please examine this for yourself without any motive, for if you have a motive it will dictate the answer.