Do We Inflict Psychological Trauma To Avoid Physical Trauma?

Concerned Global Citizen
2 min readMay 25, 2024

Let’s All Look Together.
It seems we-humans are willing to inflict psychological trauma to avoid the possibility of physical trauma.

Something seems out of balance here.

A friend was telling me a story the other day of how they have to spray their dog with flea and tick protection before they go out on walks, and the dog has an incredible sense of smell, and so when they spray it’s very physiologically traumatizing for the dog which naturally translates to psychological trauma such that now it’s difficult to get the dog to want to go out on a walk, or the dog frantically runs past the area where “the spray down” usually occurs, or it just generally exists in a more anxious and fearful state.

As I was looking at this I noticed a repeating pattern in that we-humans appear to do the same thing to each other as well.
And the incident, if you want to call it that, that came to mind was the whole COVID situation, in particular the things we were made to do for the sake of “physical safety.”
It seems little to no attention was, or is now even being given to all the ways in which all the “COVID safety measures” physiologically impacted us.

And we know what?

Don’t we already know how mental health effects physical health?

So what we’re doing appears to be REALLY counter-productive to the goal.

Perhaps this is something we should all look at?

With love.