A Message To Humanity From Itself : The “Inner Revolution” That Can Radically Change Life On Earth

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15 min readMay 19, 2019

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This is the “abridged” version.

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The main point of this article is to take a small journey together. To go on a “sight-seeing” tour of sorts where we both just leisurely take-in the sites around us.

The tour being referred to here is the tour of ourselves, the tour of humanity. To examine and “see” together the contour and content of what we are and in so doing come to see why we have been, and presently still are living in a seemingly perpetual state of conflict on this planet, and in the process begin to understand the way out of it.

The Naturally Occurring Wholeness of Creation

It may be readily observed that absolutely everything occurs in “opposites”.

Therefore everything has an opposite with each side defined in terms of the “inverse”, or “negation” of the other.

This implies that each side is responsible for creating, containing, and maintaining the other.


How This Phenomenon is Affecting Us

The current state of human affairs is that we are all basically being ground down between an awful pair of opposites… the opposites of “fearand “desire”.

We appear to capitalize on desire and fear such that it is an ingrained part of us. All one has to do to see them in play is to observe the activity of the stock market on any given day as it’s probably the single most accurate portrayal of what we humans have been, and presently still are in our most truest essence.

The force propelling the movement of experience between these two states may be observed to be caused by the formation of the mental image, or thought concept “I”.

This invisible “I” stands at the root of a vast invisible structure and network of thoughts made up of the accumulation of countless centuries of psychological conditioning.

The “I” being the source of “psychological time”. Although time is necessary for change to occur, we’ve never inquired into the nature of psychological time as we’re doing together now.

Upon having the thought “I” two phenomena may be observed immediately:

  1. The thought “I’ in and of itself affirms it’s own existence. Therefore the inverse would need to affirm “I’s” non-existence. The way this may be done is simply with the negation of “I” as “not I”, again as “I” could not be said to exist unless there also exists the possibility or potential of “I” not existing.
  2. Furthermore, “I” may be seen again to include an additional form of “not I”. The additional form being referred to here is that of “other than I”. E.g., there is the existence of a thing(fill in the blank), and then there is the existence of everything else that is not that thing. This phenomena in effect creates a superficial mental existence of a unique thing which in essence divides the thing off from everything else. This is the process of conceptualizing and conceptuality which is a primary component of thought.

These two senses of “not I” are always present in the form of sort of “shadow thoughts”. The term “shadow thought” is used because we’re typically not aware of the fact that as we’re thinking “I”.

As a bit of a side note, but none-the-less important, one may notice that certain types of thoughts generate certain types of feelings. These generated feelings then go on to generate thought’s similar to the thought that originally generated the feeling. And so if one looks for themselves they should notice that thoughts and feelings are really one movement and so when we speak of thought it also encompass the accompanying generated feeling.

Therefore, the type of feelings which accompanies the thought “I” are the feelings of “desire” and “fear”. The thought “I” occurs during the constantly repeated thought pattern “I [do/don’t] want… (fill in the blank)”.

Desire takes the form of the “fear of not having”, or “loosing something”. The desire to remain the “I” intern produces the fear of loosing the “I” to the event called “death”. This fear manifests in the form of the desire to not experience the opposite state of “not I”, or the fear of “death”(The author prefers to view death as a return to the immortal “unborn” state, as we are all now presently in the mortal “born” state — again… look for the opposites).

The second biggest fear also appears to be generated by the inverse “not I” as the fear of “other”. More specifically, as the desire to not be harmed in some way by other.

We’d just like to pause here for a moment to stress how utterly important it is for each of us to observe this whole movement/process/mechanism going on in ourselves from moment to moment. If one is going to be able to “see” this is an absolute requirement. Seeing all this for oneself is what breaths vitality into us.

Therefore, in order to remember that somethings always there, it helps if one is in constant contact with it. The form in which this contact appears is in that of “observation”. The mere act of observing is all the contact that is required as this is “the one” acknowledging it’s “otherness” as itself.

Until this is done, our continued oscillation between these two poles of desire and fear will continue to issue forth all manner and manifestation of mental ills such as rage, anger, guilt, frustration, anxiety, insecurity, depression, loneliness, pain, etc..

The “I” is perpetually mentally moving away from what it fears or dislikes in the present, and towards what it thinks it would like in the future. We imagine the positive “in the future” which then creates its opposite as the negative “in the present”. Again, all being done in an effort to avoid the pain, confusion, and conflict brought about by the state this constant movement itself is producing. We are in essence constantly engaged in creating the problem we are trying to run away from.

This movement has the effect of tricking us into thinking that the source of the problem lies somewhere in the past, and the solution lies somewhere in the future when in fact the problem does not lie in time at all, but constantly in the present as we continue to repeat this same mental activity over and over again.

Again, bearing in mind with this whole thing that what is meant by “positive” and “negative” are “logical opposites”, or “inverses” in the form of say, a pair of positive and negative poles such that “negative” means the “negation”, or “inverse”.

Thinking in and of itself is a negative act meaning, it “negates”, meaning it “reflects” the inverse of whatever it operates on.

When a thought is created to correspond to a fact, then the logical inverse of that thought corresponds to the logical inverse of the original fact such that the logical inverse is also valid.

However, when thought is created which does not correspond with the fact of the present moment, and is instead “imagined” such as in the case of either fear or desire, then this imagined non-factual thought breeds delusion and keeps us caught in this vicious cycle.

Thought in and of itself may be viewed as an inherently “negative” operation since it is a reflection of the fact of “what is” where “what is” may be viewed as a “positive” since it exists. So thought acts like the mirror image, or inverse of “what is”. It may be helpful to look at thought like the “impression” made by experience.

When thought does not reflect the fact of “what is” it is still negative in nature, but does not have any corresponding basis in the present fact of existence. This means in order for this non-factual thought/notion to exist, it must also create its non-factual opposite at the same time as is the nature of thought in language. So by creating one, it also creates the other.

Whereas when thought is reflecting the fact of existence, the opposite of the thought is already in existence as part of the fact of “what is” and so no opposite need also be created. Again, since that role is being fulfilled by the fact of “what is”.

This means that, during non-factual thought we actually wind up creating the unintended opposite notion of the thought.

Take for example, one imagines that someone is plotting to steal their possessions. Since the act of theft is not presently occurring, they are imagining the “opposite” of “what presently is”. This takes the form of the thought “I do NOT want to get robbed”. Since thought is meant to reflect the “fact”, or the affirmative of reality, the affirmative version of the original thought is “I want to get robbed”. So this is what is actually created in order to reflect the present moments circumstances.

Also it may be noted at this point that when we negate anything, such as in the above example to “NOT be robbed”, the operation of negation requires that there first be something to negate. Therefore, being robbed must, again, first be created in order to be negated.

The crucial error that’s occurring causing this whole thing appears to be that we don’t realize that once the mental image, or concept “I” is formed so is its negative “not I”, and so one cannot be had without the other and vice-versa.

This constant mental movement of the creation of the “I” thought, this activity that we’ve all been engaging in, is basically obstructing our ability to “see” or acknowledge that the problem is right in front of us all the time.

Here we can see a great irony in a play-on-words:

Because of the “I” we are unable to “see”.


because of the “I” we are blind.

Therefore, within this fact is implied that in order to get to the root of mankind’s problem, the constant mental movement of desire and fear, or “I’ing” that is occurring, must stop.

However, it must do so in a way that does not involve force or will of any kind as force and will imply further “I’ing”. When there is a force, or will, this implies a mental movement from a point in the present to some other point in the future. This future point representing the goal of the will. This then implies movement from one point to the other. This movement then produces conflict as a result of the production of the the division being caused by this mental movement. It creates psychological time which intern breeds desire and fear when then intern gives rise to the mental conflict.

Seeing this, and realizing the logical truth of it leads to the realization that there is nothing else that can be done but the opposite of doing as “not doing”.

“Not doing” basically implies just being a pair of eyes, or being choicelessly aware at all times. This “choiceless awareness”, or “pure observation” allows us to “acknowledging the fact” of what is happening all around us in any given moment, both inside of us and outside of us. It allows us to acknowledge the entire experience of life.

Or stated slightly differently, choiceless awareness is where one has no choice but to “let the fact act”, or act in accordance to the fact of “what is”.

Here Comes the Big Point…

Once the full acknowledgment of what is actually and factually occurring in the present takes place, the opposite which had formerly existed as potential then has the opportunity of coming into being. As the formerly “un-activated/off” state takes its turn in the “activated/on” state , whatever had formerly been in the “activated/on” state will then take its position in the “un-activated/off” state. A mental image of the expression: “two sides of the same coin” might now be recalled as that is indeed what is being referred to here.

It is the author’s contention that this may be termed “universal order”, or the naturally occurring order of the cosmos.

What Has Been, and Continues to Prevent Our Transformation

The primary thing that prevents our ability to “see” all this keeps the transformation from happening is the conditioning of our minds. What is meant by “conditioning” is all the “mental programming” we received in our lives up to the present.

All of the ideologies, beliefs, religions, ethnic and cultural traditions, customs, morals, ethics, folk-ways, etc.. Or in other words “our history”. Our history continues to inform and shape our present so that we are literally existing as “living history”. Or in other words, the conditioning to the identification with the thought “I” which is itself the accumulation of collective as well as “personal” history.


The Dynamic Making This Whole Thing so Difficult to Break Out Of

The “I” thought unknowingly generates feelings of insecurity because of the subtle implications we discussed earlier.

But, the identification with the “I” appears to offer some degree of phycological security because it is known and familiar to us and so is comforting to some degree.

However, we are really only digging ourselves deeper into the hole because while we’re looking to the “I” to provide us with that meager and false sense of psychological security, we are being tormented by the inverse “not I” that must exist in order for “I” to exist.

The act of constantly trying to avoid the problem in the present, is also constantly recreating it in the present.

So the whole thing winds up being a viscous cycle like a dog chasing its own tail till it eventually collapses to the floor from exhaustion. Spending our lives endlessly toiling away in futility.

This is nothing more than us being tortured by creation and existence itself because we don’t understand its true nature… which is us. So it is because we don’t understand ourselves, or our own true nature that we suffer.

A New Planetary Consciousness

There is a way for us to live in peace on this planet instead of perpetual war and conflict. A way to live in accordance with the harmony of universal order as one “planetary consciousness”.

The beauty of this seeing is that it’s based on “pure logical inference”. There is absolutely no thought involved, but instead only pure observation. This means that just about everybody and anybody is capable of it. One person is capable of seeing just the same as one trillion.

Being purely logical in its nature it’s universal and akin to mathematics which we already know is “the language of the universe”, so this appears to make complete sense.

The author would go one step further in saying that “logic” would then appear to be the language of the universe. Completely non-denominational, non-sectarian, neutral, and universal. It belongs to no one, and so belongs to everyone.

What is required to experience this is for one to allow themselves the complete and total mental freedom such that they are able to suspend all their conditioning in order to allow the themselves to just “observe what is”… to “observe the fact”. The sort of observation being referred to here is like that of a scientist. To observe much like that of, say a biologist who observes an animal in the wild in order to learn everything about it.

When scientists observe they do so (theoretically) by collectively acknowledging the fact of “what is”, of what is presently occurring directly in front of them. They (again, theoretically) suspend everything they know and allow themselves to be open to whatever occurs in order to learn from it. This is logical, rational, and sane. They allow themselves the freedom to learn what it is that life is trying to tell them. They in effect become “students of life”.

Once one satisfies this internal requirement, they are then able to “see” what is being pointed to here constantly at work in their own lives. This is vital for any real change to occur as the seeing is a “living thing” meant to be “lived in” in the present unlike thought which is limited and repetitive and therefore dead.

So we may now see that a main characteristic of the problem arising from this mis-use/mis-understanding of thought is that it splits us apart from the present, and since we are the present it splits us apart from ourselves.

This is what thought does. It “divides”. It divides in that, as soon as you “define” something it immediately creates its opposite as the negation of the thing that was just defined as this is the only way to “create” anything.

Everything that is created “comes out” of the whole. It “projects”, or “protrudes”, or otherwise makes a “positive” affirmation of some kind out of the whole. And when it does this, the remainder is left over as negation.

This mechanism appears to function harmoniously when it is used in describing the facts of “what is” such as when used to perform one’s daily tasks. Daily tasks can be seen as coinciding with the facts of “what is”, as the facts of life and of living such as needing driving directions or the know-how required to perform one’s job.

But what we’ve done is sort of “get stuck” in thought so that it’s constantly in the “on” position in the form of the “I” which is always recording and accumulating experience and then recalling the prior recording of life in the present when it does not correspond to a material fact of reality. So when thought is allowed to create “non-fact” we run into this trouble.

Once one “sees” what is being pointed to here then it becomes possible for a complete and total inner transformation to occur. Since the inner world and outer world are one movement, it will then naturally follow that this inner change will bring about an outer change terraforming the entire “mental sphere” of the planet like an ever-expanding wave of peace moving in relation to an ever-receding wake of conflict.

The peace arising from our awareness of what thought is and what thought does will allow us to put it in its proper place to be used as a “tool” which corresponds to facts of existence for the purpose of functioning physically in the world and not as something to “live inside” as we have been and currently are doing.

When we live in the seeing and recognition of “what is” then we no longer do the moving, but instead we are moved by the fact itself as it informs us as to what coarse of action to take or not take in any given moment.

A Brief Example…

If a deadly snake suddenly dropped onto your shoulder, what would be termed a “normal” reaction?

Would you stop, look, and then think “…Holy Cr*p! Wow! Jesus! That’s a deadly snake! I need to do something about that!”

and then pause to think:

“Hmmm, let’s see…what might be the best course of action in this case?”


or, would the scene go something more like this…

“”← This is the amount of “thinking” that would probably actually take place.

Which then leaves one open to taking whatever action is required by the present moment. This means, it leaves one completely open and totally free to act in the wholly precise and appropriate way prescribed by the needs of any given moment. And all without requiring the effort or energy to think even the slightest thought.

Pretty sweet huh?

This is what the author would refer to as true intelligence, or “infinite intelligence”. Or what J.Krishnamurti would refer to as “supreme intelligence”. [teachings one, teachings two]

You’ve now just become aware that you’re a “part” of the the “brain” of creation. And if you’re a “part” then your also the “whole”.

How is this?

Again, “part” depends on “not part”, and vice-versa, implying a mutual interdependence required for each to exist. Therefore neither can exist without the other. Therefore they are of one body. That is why, to deny any “part” of life is to deny “the whole” of life because all of life flows as one movement and as such is utterly indivisible.

So what does one do when the snake falls on the shoulder?

They would most likely scream uncontrollably while at the same time attempting to swipe the creature off with their free arm wouldn’t they?(The author knows that that’s what they’d probably do!)

…Now Back to the Main Content

This is not another ideology being proposed here, or another “philosophy” or any other idea/form of thought.

This is “doing” in the form of “seeing”.

The seeing is the doing required here.

Seeing requires no more effort than that to “see” anything…meaning it is effortless. It’s the completely putting aside of ones conditioning that’s the difficult part. The process must begin with total freedom.

So for the sake of us all, one last time…

This is just pure observation which leads to pure logical inference. The only thing that matters is for each person to experience this directly at work in their own lives in the present moment. To see it all presently moving and “in action”. Nothing else…, just to see it in action.

There’s nobody comin’ to save us…it’s up to us.

Is any of this true?

Please examine this for yourself without any motive, for if you have a motive it will dictate the answer.