A Message To Humanity From Itself : The “Inner Revolution” That Can Radically Change Life On Earth

The Naturally Occurring Wholeness of Creation

How This Phenomenon is Affecting Us

  1. The thought “I’ in and of itself affirms it’s own existence. Therefore the inverse would need to affirm “I’s” non-existence. The way this may be done is simply with the negation of “I” as “not I”, again as “I” could not be said to exist unless there also exists the possibility or potential of “I” not existing.
  2. Furthermore, “I” may be seen again to include an additional form of “not I”. The additional form being referred to here is that of “other than I”. E.g., there is the existence of a thing(fill in the blank), and then there is the existence of everything else that is not that thing. This phenomena in effect creates a superficial mental existence of a unique thing which in essence divides the thing off from everything else. This is the process of conceptualizing and conceptuality which is a primary component of thought.

What Has Been, and Continues to Prevent Our Transformation

A New Planetary Consciousness

A Brief Example…

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