Humanity Presently Lives In Utter Contradiction : The Crisis In Human Consciousness

Concerned Global Citizen
4 min readMay 15, 2020


To say we’re “getting in our own way” would be a bit of an understatement.

What’s strange about us is that we’re going to great lengths and herculean efforts to find a vaccine for the coronavirus while proceeding with extreme caution and staying our hand to avoid even further, potentially catastrophic damage, while we proceed to wage war on one another, pollute and poison the environment, and destabilize the climate. So on one hand we’re tremendously concerned with saving life, and on the other hand we have a complete and total disregard for it. So it appears we want to kill ourselves somewhat, but not completely. It appears we’d rather linger along in some degenerated, broken-down, and decrepit state. No wonder life sucks so bad on this planet.

Just as a reminder, when the author writes these articles he’s always concerned with the total and complete behavior of humanity “as a whole”. He’s always concerned with the collective behavior as a whole in aggregate because it can be seen that all mankind is a whole and that the divisions we live according to are only fabrications and creations of thought. These divisions, being fabrications of thought only exist in the minds of humans and not externally in nature as evidenced by the way in which the virus treats us.

People will read this and immediately dismiss it because they’ll have thoughts like “Well, that’s them, that’s not me”, “I’m not like that…, that’s the super rich 1%(…or whatever) who are responsible for the destruction of us all, I’m not responsible”. To which the author would vehemently disagree. You see, we are all responsible for this world, as we are all citizens of the planet and are a part of the collective. Each human’s existence is a part of the make-up of the whole of humanity, and as such each human’s actions effects, or is capable of effecting the whole of humanity. Furthermore, each of us are products of this world. We’re products of the culture and the society in which we were raised. We then go out into the world and contribute to that culture and society, and in some way, become contributing factors to it and thus propagate the cycle. It is one continuous flowing movement out and in, in and out. We are capable of taking in and seeing what the world is around us and responding to it. We are capable of seeing.

As another way of seeing, to say that it’s the politicians, the people in the corporations, the dictators, the warlords, etc., who are responsible, these people are all products of their environment and if we had been born them we would undoubtedly have turned out the same way and would be them.

Perhaps the engine driving the contradiction is the confusion we’re in which gives rise to conflicting and contradictory desires both within us and without. The way in which conflict and contradiction rises within us is in the form of the following thought pattern:

Let’s take the presently hot topic of the Black Lives Matter protests. Here we have large numbers of people congregating in the middle of a pandemic protesting police brutality, the precise conditions necessary for the potential of rapid, large scale transmission resulting in the possibility of even more deaths FOR EVERYONE, protestors, police, and everyone else that might come into contact with any of these people.

Apparently black lives now matter so much that large numbers of poeple are willing to put everybody’s life at risk. So the protesters are protesting brutality, violence, and killing, but are potentially killing people themselves while doing it. Where is the logic in this?

So as far as can be seen, this situation has arisen where we both, desire to be free from the coronavirus covid19 pandemic, and be free from brutal oppression and violence (sound familiar?). Now, because of the presence of these conflicting and contradictory desires, we will more than likely have to pay a price in human life, the very subject of the protesting.

Can change ever be brought about without having to sacrifice life for it?

So when one begins to look with the eyes which look “at the whole”, one will begin to notice the sorts of conflicts and contradictory behaviors that exist within us both inwardly and outwardly, then we naturally wind up with this utterly absurd contradictory world and way of life. This observation then would lead one to see that the root of the cause of the problem is within each individual human, in each human’s consciousness. Indeed, the true root crises at hand is the crisis in human consciousness.

J. Krishnamurti — Ojai 1985 — Public Talk 2 — A crisis in our consciousness