If We Don’t “Inwardly” Radically Change Right Now, We’re Going To “Hope” Ourselves To Death

Concerned Global Citizen
2 min readJul 17, 2020

While we’re busy “hoping” for a better outcome at some “future” date, we will die right now.

The problem with “Hope” is that it creates “Psychological Time”. It creates the psychological time between “now” and some projected — better place. The only problem with this is that this better other place is a total fabrication of our imagination that only serves to create inner and outer conflict.

It may be seen that all time exists now. That is, what we have been, our memories, our culture, values, our identity, etc., are all remembrances, they’re all products of the past, recorded prior experiences — thought.

We are constantly “remembering” all of the past memories of culture, society, country/nation, ethnic, religious, political, racial identities, etc. in the present moment.

And when and if change ever actually does take place, it can only do so now in the present. So even though we imagine that “one day we will have change”, again, when or if that change every actually does manage to occur, it can do so only in the present moment. This then implies that, unless we change right now in this very instant, we can count on being the exact same thing tomorrow as what we are now. Therefore if we truly desire change, it can only happen right now. Therefore all true change only occurs now. Therefore there is no “trying”, there is no “getting there”, there is no “one day”, there is only “doing” and doing “now”. You either “do now” or you “don’t do now”. It’s binary. Again the law of opposites.

Therefore if what we normally think of as “action” requires time and all time is now, then does our notion of “action” really exist? Then what exactly is action? Is there an action that is instantaneous, which requires no time at all to occur? Please look at this for yourself. I will just say, there most definitely is such an action. It is no action at all, and therefore also simultaneously every action possible, again, as per the law of opposites.

Is any of this true?

Please examine this for yourself and see if it is. Observe like a scientist without a motive so that you may learn from your looking.

J. Krishnamurti — If all time is now, what is action?