Is Life Constantly Telling Us That There is No Such Thing As Separation?

By virtue of the fact that we ALL must die at some point, the reader is strongly encouraged to please take a moment to examine their own experience in order to ascertain the validity of the following statement:

One can never truly possess a thing.

This is what life appears to be constantly telling us.

If one where to acknowledge this fact, one then might go on to observe further facts.

A “thing” implies separation, division, time. A subject and an object.

So “thing” would be the object side of a subject/object division.

A thing to be possessed requires a “someone”, or “something” to fulfill the other side of the equation as the “possessor”. This would be the subject side of a subject/object division.

So the act of “possessing” produces a psychological feeling of separation, division, and individuality.

Since life, existence itself, is constantly affirming and telling us that “there’s no such thing as possession”, and since the act of possessing requires separation, it would then logically seem to follow that if there is no such thing as possession then…


So life itself is constantly re-affirming and telling us that there is no such thing as separation.

So if there is no such thing as a “possession”, then there must also not be a “possessor”.

This would then also appear to imply the following:

The act of “possessing” implies time in that in one moment one does not have a certain thing, and then in a later moment one may have that certain thing. So the action of “taking possession” or “acquiring” appears to require an interval of time.

So if there’s no such thing as “possesion”, and it it takes time to “posses” then does this mean that there’s no such thing as time??

If there really is no such thing as possessing, then it would seem that all the time we spend efforting to acquire, attain, amass, possessions, might be better spent in the moment enjoying the ride of life itself.

There is one more intriguing dimension worth mentioning here about the fact that no one can ever truly possess a thing.

Since, throughout creation everything appears to occur in pairs of opposites,

What would be the logical negation, or the negative of this statement?

What is the implication?

Everybody possesses everything for all time?

Is any of this true?

Please examine this for yourself without any motive, for if you have a motive it will dictate the answer.




Supremely active in doing nothing.

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Concerned Global Citizen

Concerned Global Citizen

Supremely active in doing nothing.

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