“Corona Mona”

It Seems Like Every Time I Turn Around I Hear The Phrase “…In These Uncertain Times…”

Concerned Global Citizen


Let’s together, unpack a little bit exactly what is being referred to here as “these uncertain times”.

On the face of it, the phrase appears to be saying “now…, with this Covid19 global pandemic running roughshod over humanity, life is less certain”. While this is a most definitely undeniable fact, it would then seem since we’re now beginning to address undeniable facts why just stop at the pandemic?

I mean…, if we look a little more closely we should see some some pretty astounding additional facts.

Let’s cut right to the root.

Death itself is ever present. We continually conveniently forget that it is waiting for us all in each and every moment of life, and generally we don’t know when our time is coming. We‘re painfully reminded of this fact when other’s in our immediate sphere of life die. Because of this we are reminded of the unsettling fact that it will most definitely come as this is just a law of life. That is, it’s only a matter before we make the transition from being an “is” to a “was”. This is the ultimate uncertainty, and it’s with us at all times no matter how much we attempt to delude ourselves of it otherwise.

Outside of this “big one”, if we continue to look around and observe “what is” we should also notice that human plans are usually quite easily cast asunder by the randomness that appears to be life. The phrase “…the best laid plans of mice and men, often go astray…” comes to mind here.

So life itself appears to be both, somewhat certain and somewhat uncertain where it seems like it leans a bit more towards the uncertain side. We have relative certainty in the cycles of nature as an expression of the motion of the cosmos, yet there is still an also uncertainty within nature in the form of extreme unpredictable “weather” for example, or earthquakes and the like.

So it would appear that life itself is inherently uncertain, and since all of us are always immersed in every moment of our existence together, every moment of our lives is already totally and completely uncertain. How are we then able to delude ourselves to the point where in order to make a statement like “…in these uncertain times…” it’s also implying that “…because things where so certain otherwise in the old pre-covid-pandemic times…” which now only linger in us as a sweet memory to be recalled for a quick “jolt” of pleasure and desire. We are now able to come to the realization that we have been, and continue collectively living in a gigantic mass delusion.

The utter irony of the whole thing is that there’s probably nothing that we crave more of more often than certainty, and the fact of uncertainty is more certain than anything!

Furthermore, it also appears that all of our activities and efforts to mitigate this very fact do nothing more than create even more uncertainty!

To see actually see “what is” is to acknowledge everything — to acknowledge “the whole” during each and every moment of life. This means you go wherever “the seeing” takes you whether it’s at what’s presently going on “internally” or “externally”.