It’s Starting To Feel Like Our Time On This Planet Is Running Out

Concerned Global Citizen
13 min readJun 25, 2020


Will someone please, try to see what is being pointed at here and pass it on!

The articles written here are not in any way meant to serve as any form of entertainment.

There is a crisis in this world of utter immense proportions that threatens ALL life on the planet right in this very moment, and the situation has not been improving. If anything, it’s getting worse with every passing day. It’s starting to look like we could very well be the generation that witnesses “the collapse”.

From the looks and the feels of things it very strongly seems that unless we understand what is being said and pointed to here, we will more than likely reach a systemic failure before very long.

Yes…., we need change, and it would seem we need A LOT OF IT VERY QUICKLY. Every time I turn around, there’s a new “crisis”. We’re constantly being bombarded by crises, and they appear to only be increasing in both severity and intensity. It’s starting to look like the pot we frogs have been in is finally starting to boil.

There is just one crucial problem with all of this “change”:

It’s not working.

We seem to be blind to the fact that what we’ve been doing, and continue to do in an effort to “improve” things is not working and the clock is ticking. Furthermore, it may be argued that our effort to improve things has only been making things worse.

Perhaps it’s time to just “let go of all our old ways”. Let go of all the religion, all the politics, all the technology, all the legislation, all the reformation, all the rituals, all the traditions, all the customs, all the processes, and all the bullshit. Why don’t we let go of all the things that we think are going to save us that we continue to try like its the first time we‘re ever trying it. It’s “let’s do it again… for the first time”.

The one thing all these tired old, worn-out, and decrepit systems have in common is that they’re all products of our thought. Thought is at the root. We can all look together, and see it together, and acknowledge it together. We can all acknowledge together that we’re all seeing the same “fact” of “what is”. What actually is present in existence this very moment that is independent of thought.

We are capable of dong this. We already do do this. We do this when we study and use the laws of science, mathematics, and logic which are really just what? What is the other name that we give it? The language of the universe, …right?

That’s totally and completely what’s being attempted here, to point this out as an observation that can personally be made, just as scientists make personal observations and are able to form a consensus reality based on this mutual seeing and acknowledgement of the facts of what is. What have their observations, studies, examinations, explorations, and research told them? They learn from what they observe.

For instance, we can each of us look within together, and observe the repetitive and mechanical nature of thought and thinking. We can see that the mind first records what’s happening, then searches the memory for something to either compare it to, or classify it as. It then either makes some sort of judgement, or it files it away “with like kind”. And the unawareness of the mechanization of thought is what’s blinding us right now in real-time and keeping us from being able to “see” in real time, the only time real change can ever happen.

Hence thought itself is preventing us from being able to see what it actually “is”. Remember…, if it seems impossible, it’s also possible.

Please, as you read what is being said here, try seeing this for yourself in this very instance. Pretend I’m a fellow scientists and we’re conducting research together and looking to either confirm or deny each other’s observations, conclusions, etc., pertaining to the fact of our present experience.

The Earth is most definitely our mother, we can all see this and acknowledge this fact together, because we all share in the same experience as humans presently living. Therefore, first and foremost we all factually share the same experience of being a human on this planet right now. We all contend with the same forces…, fear, anxiety, loneliness, insecurity, depression, anger, hatred, self-loathing, self condemnation, and self judgement. We all need physical and psychological security. And there’s always the matter of death looming in the background, the one thing we’re deathly afraid of but seem to be hastening all the more.

We humans really are quite a bunch.

On the one hand, we seem to constantly be battling with insecurity. We seem to constantly be worried, consumed, and even obsessed by the future. We’re always looking to know the future, and we must know the future to feel secure about continuing to exist. We seem to be obsessed with existing, but in the process we’re actually wiping ourselves and everything else out of existence.

And on the other hand, we think that just because things presently still are the way they’ve always been, they will remain that way indefinitely. So we have total and complete certainty. Like in the case of whether or not humanity can actually undergo a radical transform in it’s consciousness and actually halt destruction of itself and all life on Earth. If you say to someone that you’ve been able to see the root source of all humanity’s problems, and that it can actually be backed up by co-observation, our presently programmed and conditioned response is to recoil, rebuke, and rebuff such a statement and immediately discount it.

It seems that it’s difficult for us to collectively see that it is precisely this type of “thinking” that everyone is engaged in that is actually creating the reality we say can’t be changed. So we’re actually, constantly, engaged in not changing it. Here, the old expression “self fulfilling prophecy” absolutely comes to mind and applies. And it is precisely this sort of thinking, or “thought blinding” that is occurring and keeps people from being able to be completely open and free to look, observe, and therefore “see” the truth for themselves.

If at present on this planet life feels very different right now, it’s because it most definitely is. Your senses are not deceiving you. You as a human are first and foremost a human being that lives somewhere on this planet. It’s only thought that gives a name, and a label. You always have been, and always will be a citizen of this entire planet. We are ALL citizens of this entire planet. That is a fact.

It is not a fact that we’ve divided ourselves up into various nations, nationalities, religious sects, ethnic, racial, political, and ideological groups. These sort of things are all only products of thought. Thought is creating and sustaining all of this through constant repetition of continued belief in all of these things in the present moment. Constant, continued mass belief in these mental constructs has dulled our ability to actually “see” the fact of “what actually is”, or “what isn’t”.

Thought is meant to be our servant, a tool for us to use in order to function daily on this planet. It instead has woven a spell on us and taken over. Indeed, we not only suffer from a biological virus, but we have been and continue to suffer from a mental virus, a virus of the mind, a virus in thought. The vaccine for this virus is to illuminate and understand the anatomy, machinery, and nature of what thought itself factually is. To “see” how thought operates within us. To understand its structure, form, features, characteristics, and properties. To understand its entire anatomy. To actually know from the experience of direct observation exactly what we’re dealing with.

To be able to think is an immense power. It is what separates us from all other life on the planet, and it is also what unites us to one another. And so as the old expression goes…, it indeed does appear to be accurate that with much power comes much responsibility. Like it or not, we have the power to destroy ourselves and all life on the entire planet, therefore we are indeed the stewards of this planet. Those that have the power to destroy also have the power to create.

Therefore it would seem that it is a part of every human’s responsibility to understand, and therefore properly use this immense power which one has constantly at one’s disposal. This probably should be the very first thing a human learns. They should be taught about their “special power” called “thought”. It should be made clear to them what thought actually is and what thought actually does. Furthermore, as they’re being taught they should learn to observe themselves so they can see for themselves what the teaching is pointing at.

If things feel different on this planet, it’s because they are. There is an answer to our problems…, our problem.

If I could stand on the highest point in the world and shout this eternally at the top of my lungs I would. Perhaps that’s what I’m trying to do here on this website, but It doesn’t seem to be working out that way so far. Someone please help me get this message into the hands of someone with a Global Megaphone.

Whether we like it or not, each person’s time on this planet is limited by design. Therefore, why continue to engage in the same ineffective behavior we always have and hope that it will work? Isn’t this the definition of insanity? We’re just going around in circles and shifting the problem from one place to another.

This is not entertainment… this is an SOS in the most truest sense and meaning of the word. This is an SOS to all my fellow human beings. It can’t be said, heard, or seen enough. It really seems we are beginning to head down an extremely bleak and dark path on this planet.

Totally consider this an impassioned plea.

It’s never too late to look and see.

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