Lack Of Awareness Equates To Pain & Misfortune

When we’re not aware of what is immediately in front of us in any given moment, we open ourselves up to mayhem and misfortune.

What is meant by awareness? What’s meant is meant as completely, totally, and literally aware and not like an airy-fairy, feel-good, new-age jargony kind-a-way.

Let’s use an analogy:

Let’s say your hammering a nail. If your not 100% aware of and attentive to everything that’s going on in that moment, it could result in a broken finger or two.

Or operating a chain saw. If your not giving that activity your absolute complete and total awareness, that is, your mind is nowhere other than attentive to the immediate moments circumstances and not off in some memory, the slightest waver in attention could result in a potential life threatening accident.

This is the kind of awareness being referred to here. Its the awareness of just “what is”. Just being aware of everything going on both outside, and inside yourself in any given moment. Just completely with and acknowledging the goings on of the present moment. It really is extraordinarily un-extraordinary, because it is so literal. It’s just observing like say a scientist would. Observing something in order to understand the way things really are. There is no magic. Or, the only magic present is the magic that thought appears to have over the mass of humanity in the form of some sort of “pacifying and blinding spell”.

So the author would encourage the reader to observe this for themselves, in their own daily living. See if they are more accident-prone when they’re not paying complete attention to what it is they’re presently doing or involved with.

When we’re not completely attuned to the immediate fact of what presently is, we’re wasting energy in the form of a diversion of thought. What is meant by wastage of energy is energy that is required by the immediate moment’s circumstances. So we’re robbing the present of its needs in the form of the attention that it requires. The absence of this attention then goes on to manifest in some form of pain and misery on our part in which we wind up paying ten-fold for the single moment of inattention.

Now this is the activity that humanity is engaged in as a whole on a massive scale. We are paying a tremendous price in suffering for our lack of awareness.




Supremely active in doing nothing.

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Concerned Global Citizen

Concerned Global Citizen

Supremely active in doing nothing.

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