Life In The Near Future Will Likely Be Unimaginably Bad Unless Radical “Inner Change” Occurs “Now”

With humanity on its present course, life in the near future will very likely be unimaginably horrific unless a radical, “inner” psychological revolution occurs immediately in the “here” and “now”.

“Outer” physical revolution has never, and will never change our inner psychological state, and it is our inner psychological state which is responsible for creating the outer, “collective” psychological state with all of its hatred, anger, violence, brutality, deception, repression, exploitation, frustration, fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness, etc..

Unless we look to our inner, psychological state first, and at what lies therein in the form of our thought, we will continue doing the only thing that we’ve ever done, which is the chasing of our own tail due to the fact that thought cannot act upon itself.

Unless we fundamentally understand the true nature, qualities, characteristics, and properties of thought itself as we would seek to understand any naturally occurring phenomena, we are blind, and it is while in this blind state that we continue to repeat the same destructive behaviors. Furthermore, this “blind” state also has associated with it a staggeringly immense, mind-numbing, and soul blistering cost that only grows with time.

Therefore, this is a direct communication to you…, the “reader…, right “now”, in this very moment, please do try to understand the urgency and necessity of this change by doing whatever it is you have to do to understand the true nature of thought, place of thought, and appropriate usage of thought.



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