Living Blindfolded in A Burning House

Imagine you lived in a really, really big house with everybody else in the world and one day you woke up and noticed your house was on fire.

So what would one do in this case?

Naturally, they would try to alert everyone else to the fire yes??

But there was a bit of a problem. Most everyone else was blindfolded and couldn’t see. You just happen to have been fortunate, or misfortunate enough to have your blindfold somehow fall off.

The blindfold was a special kind of blindfold in that it could see but its wearer obviously couldn’t. Therefore its wearer depended entirely on the blindfold for everything. The way the blindfold worked was that it recorded everything it saw and then played it back to the wearer. Granted, they could smell the smoke, but instead of inquiring for themselves into exactly where that smoke was coming from, the blindfold told them where it was coming from, or it told them it wasn’t smoke that they where smelling but instead it was something else that was no cause for alarm.

Or sometimes some were allowed to see that the house was on fire, but due to a particularly nasty and most dangerous defect in the blindfold, the blindfold told them that it was ok…, that it wasn’t a problem…, that it was normal or even natural and that nothing could be done. It told them to go about living their lives without a care and “go be happy”, “pursue their dreams”, and “enjoy life to the fullest”, and “go buy stuff!”

Or sometimes certain blindfolds would allow its wearer to see just a little, just enough so they could tell that the house was on fire… but that’s it. The wearer still received information from the blind fold about what to do about the burning house.

Now, as much as you shouted, most weren’t able to hear because the blindfold had yet another down-side, it covered peoples ears too.

And lastly, it had one very special feature…, only the wearer was able to remove it.

You’ve just read what life is like for the author living on this planet.

The blindfold mentioned is a metaphor for thought.

The burning house, a metaphor for our burn ing planet.




Supremely active in doing nothing.

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Concerned Global Citizen

Concerned Global Citizen

Supremely active in doing nothing.

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