Mental Measurement And Comparison Breeds Desire, Fear, and Destruction

Concerned Global Citizen
3 min readJun 17, 2020


The desire to “be the best”, or to avoid “the worst” sets us into conflict with everything, especially each other.

In order to experience either desire or fear requires the faculty of “memory”, or “remembering”. Enter the human brain and the process of thinking. The brain used to store the memories, and the process of thinking to move the memories around within the brain.

So we constantly measure, record, compare, and judge using our memory. This activity then “sets us up” to either “want” or “not want” a particular outcome. The “wanting” or “not wanting” is in response to some degree of either “pleasure” or “pain” that is “felt” as a result of this process of “mental movement” — measuring, recording, recalling, comparing, and judging that comprises thought.

This process creates “psychological time”, and psychological time creates “division”. It’s the mental time that’s incidentally created by the desire to go from “what’s not wanted” to “what’s wanted”, or from “what’s wanted” to “what’s not wanted”. This is the actual creation of “desire” and “fear”, therefore “desire” and “fear” are time-based.

So we’re split internally between “what is” in the present and some object of desire/fear that “will/will not” be in the future . The creation of this division in tern creates internal conflict as we’re torn between “not wanting/wanting” what is and “wanting/not wanting” what is. This internal conflict is then the breeding ground for the specter of destruction.

Desire, and its negative fear then keep us from being able to acknowledge the fact of “what is”, because “what is” is independent of our either our “liking” or “not liking” it. When we’re in the grips of either “desire” or “fear” we are super hyper-focused on the object of desire. This causes us to miss what’s unfolding immediately in front of us which is obviously the fact of “what is”. When we are able to acknowledge the “fact of what is”, its opposite is then allowed to come into being. This is the much sought after opposite that we’ve been chasing our own tail for as we continue to un-acknowledge the “fact of what is”.

It is astronomically crucial for us to understand the actual nature, mechanism, and anatomy of thought and thinking itself to then understand its proper purpose and place and stop it from running a-muck anymore on this poor planet.

Is any of this true?

Please examine this for yourself without any motive, for if you have a motive it will dictate the outcome of your examination.

For any true and lasting human transformation to occur, one must see this for oneself. That is, one must experience “seeing” this for themselves like they would physically seeing anything else. See the logical and irrefutable truth of it. Like uncovering a law of nature.