“Seeing” Is Like Discovering A Muscle You Never Knew You Had, And Then Learning How To Use It

Concerned Global Citizen
2 min readJul 23, 2020

Absolutely any human on the face of this Earth has within them the faculty to “see” what is both inside, and outside of them. It is not an arcane, mystical, exclusive — type thing.

An interesting thing about seeing is that when seeing actually occurs it does so on the instant — this is what makes it “seeing”.

It’s sort of like a “discovery” that discovers you just as much as you discover it.

However, the analogy eluded too in the articles title appears to be a slight bit misleading in that, a muscle belongs to a single individual, seeing belongs to “no one”. And because it belongs to no one, it belongs to “everyone” equally as per “the law of opposites”.

So to straighten out that analogy a little bit, “seeing” is like discovering a muscle you never knew “We” had, as it really is a muscle that belongs to the entirety of humanity.

All that really is required to be able to see is the impartial interest of a scientist who is interested in observing to learn.

It really is no different than say, someone pointing out a bird in a tree. Where one person describes to another how to see it.

“OK…, you see that big branch about thirty feet up on the right?”


“…OK, from there, over a little to the left… it has a blue head and a red body but the sunlight is dim so you have to look hard.”

“Can you see it yet?”