States “Reopening” Is Really Something Where Everyone Needs To Be On The Same Page

I hear some Governors touting how great their states are for having stopped the spread of the Coronavirus cases, and then point out how a lot of other states are seeing a spike and rise in them.

But what about if…, in addition to being their states cheerleaders, they also lent a helping hand to any neighboring states that may now be struggling as the presently successful state once was to where everyone could then reach greater safety and security together? Of course, having to do this would require that all states reach some sort of consensus or guidelines on safe opening criteria. It is in this way that we will all have to be on “the same page”.

When more successful states continue to not lend helping hands to struggling neighboring states, and when the less-successful neighboring states continue to not ask any of their neighbors for help, this will only strengthen the ability for the virus to continue to linger, spread, and ravage the entire population as a whole.

How? Because, as we continue to reopen and human activity and travel continues to increase as a result of reopening, the virus will undoubtedly also continue to cross boarders. Due to the nature of this activity, the specter of spikes and increase in cases in all states will continue to loom over us all. So it is in this way that, by helping our neighbors we are helping ourselves. Our neighbor’s problem is very much our problem as well.

Think “links in a chain”.

This would mean that we have to engaging in the same successful behaviors, all together, uniformly by helping each other to achieve this. The same behavioral pattern that the states with the decrease in cases have within their borders and boundaries, need to also be implemented outside their boarders and boundaries. Basically, repeat the same behaviors outside the state, as inside the state. This works because there is no such thing as a border called a state. A state is not a real fact of existence because its based entirely on thought.



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