The Corona Virus is Seeing Something We Presently Do Not

If there’s one thing about the corona virus we can say for certain, is that it views us all as “one”.

It sees us as one gigantic organism and is indeed treating us as such.

The virus is not confined or limited by living within systems of thought like we are.

The virus lives, responds, and interacts only with “what is”.

That is the virus lives only in the fact of the moment.

The fact of what is.

The fact of “what is”, only being discernible through sane, sound, rational…, and scientific-like reasoning, is what’s needed here to meet the virus on its own playing field.

It’s forcing us to actively engage in a present-moment relationship with life, instead of living mechanically inside systems of thought.

It doesn’t recognize boarders, nationalities, religions, ethnicities, races, skin colors, beliefs, customs, cultures, traditions, etc.. It does not recognize any creation of human thought, but instead recognizes the fact that we are all “human beings”. Indeed, it may be observed that the divisions created by the identification with thought is serving to exacerbate this crisis.

We are all equal in the eyes of the virus. It is showing us the profound truth of how nature see’s us. Of how we actually exist. It is one gigantic mirror.

Another thing the virus is revealing is how totally and completely interdependent we are. How each human’s actions, or inactions can effect the whole of mankind. How one person’s ability to maintain good hygiene, practice social distancing, self-isolation, or self-quarantine, has the ability to potentially impact the lives of thousands. As more people circulate with the virus undetected, or without taking precautions, more people get sick and require urgent medical care, and ultimately overwhelm healthcare systems thus grinding them to a complete halt. Imagine a “modern” society without any healthcare system at all.

It also exposes the ludicrousness of the current way we live on this planet under as system of money. How people with little to no money and no healthcare who may potentially have the virus don’t seek medical attention because they can’t afford it, or fear bankruptcy. Or, how people don’t have any paid sick leave and live paycheck-to-paycheck and go to work with the virus in order to be able to support their families, eat, and keep a roof over their heads. These peoples actions, forced by the economic dynamic of our current system, are not only endangering themselves but potentially the population of the entire world. So here again, we have money creating a truly staggering and incalculable amount insecurity.

Therefore, as each human acts, they are not only acting for themselves but also on the behalf of every other human on the planet. As this effects, or potentially effects every human being on the planet, it has the power and/or potential to unite us all as what we factually are, human beings.

The virus is again showing us the truth by showing us that our actions determine our destiny. The act of social distancing that we are engaging in, is having an effect on the speed of the spread and the health care system is able to handle the load, and the number of deaths is leveling off. It is again reminding us that the truth is only “what is”.

So it has the power and potential of enabling us to finally live in truth by acknowledging and actively engaging in relationship with all of life, and thus radically, and fundamentally alter life on this planet.




Supremely active in doing nothing.

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Concerned Global Citizen

Concerned Global Citizen

Supremely active in doing nothing.

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