The Corona Virus Clearly Reveals the Perils of Living Within Systems of Thought

Concerned Global Citizen
6 min readMar 31, 2020


The systems of thought which humans have been living within exacerbate this pandemic crisis as they have been, and continue to exacerbate our lives in general on this planet since time immemorial. However, this moment presents a unique opportunity to become aware of this fact.

We’re experiencing pain from the conflict caused by living within systems of thought. One might even argue that this experience is exactly what we signed up for by electing to live according to systems of thought.

Let’s take the system of money as the severity of the economic impacts of the virus are really unprecedented and cannot be understated.

It may readily be seen that the concept of money operates as follows: If we all require the presence of money for security, then its absence means great insecurity. This is because it is a dependency. That is, because the way the current system is set up we depend on money for food, clothing, shelter, medical care, etc., for our physical security. This then further implies that, when money is absent we get the opposite of security, or insecurity which is exemplary of the nature of all concepts in general. These dependencies created by thought then go on to create conflict.

We are now seeing this phenomenon play out on a massive and unimaginable scale which is wreaking all manner and manifestation of physical and psychological havoc upon humanity as we speak.

One mind-numbing and jarring example of the way the system of money is exacerbating this pandemic is the rise in cybercrime, particularly the rise in ransomware attacks against hospitals who are now overflowing with COVID-19 patients. This undoubtedly will lead to even more deaths.

Yet another glaring example of how the system of money is impeding the effort of combating the virus and saving lives is how big pharma is still concerned about profit in the face of this pandemic by refusing to share vital pharmacological data sighting that its “commercially confidential”.

Municipalities in some of the nations poorest communities are threatening to shut off municipal water access for non-payment. This will prevent people from being able to maintain good health and hygiene and propagate the spread of the disease.

In Italy, the current lack of employment, and money is leading to a rise in crime, which may be something the United States may also see, so here again we have money and guns(another creation of thought intended to provide security) creating insecurity. Greater exacerbation.

Here is a recent article from The Guardian that talks about how the chemicals in our consumer products that we’ve been ingesting in one way or another for years has been weakening our immune systems leading to higher mortality rates from the virus. Again, brought to you buy government and big business in the name of profits. Money truly is more important than life.

The number of examples of how thought is amplifying the pain and suffering caused by this disease goes on ad infinitum with more and more every day.

It may be argued that this system of money may have even caused the current pandemic. As we have been, and continue to steadily pollute and destroy the environment and destabilize the climate for ever-increasing amounts of profit. We have been, and continue to open pandora’s box and thus indeed hasten the coming of the four horseman.

To understand this situation even further, one must look a little deeper at the nature of thought and conceptuality itself.

The very notion of “security”, when created, also creates and maintains at the same time its opposite notion of “insecurity”. This is the way in which the very nature of thought and conceptuality itself works. Anytime any “thing” is created/imagined/asserted, this creation/imagination/assertion can only exist through the creation of its opposite as each is defined by its opposite. So when a “thing” is created, that “thing” then, in reality exists as a “pair of things”, the “positive thing” and its negation/opposite as the “negative thing”. So everything that exists, does so as pairs of opposites.

We may also see additional exacerbation of our present situation in the form of the holding of ideological beliefs. To sight one example occurring within the concept of a country called the United States of America, there is a major rift/division/fragmentation occurring along the ideological lines of differing political points of view in the pair of opposites called “Democrat” and “Republican”. It may be observed that party affiliation or ideation along any particular line is having some effect on who, what, when, where, and how different regions/peoples are being treated/cared for/affected by this pandemic. One may read about this either here, or here to sight a few reports.

So these concepts of “Democrat” and “Republican” are blinding us to the reality of seeing the truth in this crisis. They are blinding us in that when we interact with one another we’re not seeing another human being who is scared, and vulnerable, and in need of support just like us, but instead we are seeing the conceptual image of a “Democrat” or “Republican”, and this filter then brings with it a whole framework of preconceptions, assumptions, and judgements that we then act according to. We cease to “relate” to another as a fellow human being. We are no longer seeing the truth of what lies directly in front of us. This is causing unbelievable harm.

We can extend this particular form of exacerbation even further, as we expand out to include the concepts and ideologies of race, religion, ethnicity, citizenship, countries, and any and all manner of mental divisions/borders/boundaries that are created and maintained by human thought. One glaring example of this of late is the disproportionate number of deaths from the virus due to racism among “minorities”, being created and propagated by thought concept of “race”.

Ideologies/beliefs also create a reluctance to accept, or an outright inability to comprehend the facts of reality. This may be evidenced by the way in which various religious factions/organizations/traditions have continued to hold mass gatherings of devotees in spite of the obvious grave health risks in doing so. Again, and again, thought — misunderstood, threatens us all.

With these mental divisions firmly in place, we must not only worry about contracting the virus, but we must also continue to worry about the potential harm that may also be incurred from “the other” as the German, as the Jew, as the Mexican migrant worker, as the Muslim, as the African American, as the Russian, as the Afghani , as the Taliban, as the Iranian, as the Syrian, as the Hindu, as the North Korean, as the South Korean, as the… fill in the blank ad infinitum.

This virus is showing us something incredible. It’s showing us something, that if we can see and acknowledge it, can be totally and absolutely transformative for the whole of humanity and thus bring about a completely new dimension of existence and living on this planet. It can produce a completely new transformation, and revolution in human consciousness which humanity has never before experienced.

But we must first have the eyes to see it and, unfortunately our eyes are and continue to be tightly bound by the blindfold of thought. The weight of thousands upon thousands of years and generations of mental conditioning, programming, tradition, propaganda, etc., of all forms e.g. governmental, religious, political, tribal, etc., is apparently incredibly heavy and immensely difficult to cast off.

We continue to be unable to see that all these things are the creation of our minds, the creation of thought…, are concepts that once having been created, also create their opposites which we are then engaged in an eternal conflict against. And so we don’t see that, in addition to all of the natural disasters we are currently struggling to survive against, and are likely to encounter in the future, we are also compounding our struggle through the creation of conflict brought about this seemingly eternal misunderstanding, and misuse of thought.

We are all in the experience of coronavirus together just as we are, and have always all been, in the experience of life together. We are all truly one human organism.