The Coronavirus Exposes How Our Conditioning Produces Conflict

“Conflict is the very essence of violence” — J.Krishnamurti

Living within systems of thought, both internally, and externally will eternally create conflict due to the limited nature of thought.

What is being referred to as conditioning are the patterns, and repetitions of thought that are basically “programmed” into us from a very early age. The conditioning is made up from the content of our consciousness. What is being referred to by consciousness is the nature, quality, form, structure, subject matter, of our thought.

We are conditioned to mourn as a group. We are conditioned to gather for religious services and celebrations. We are conditioned to use the system of money. We are conditioned to live according to systems of thought.

The way in which the above mentioned examples of conditioned behavior leads to conflict is as follows:

There is conflict created when groups of people move in a certain direction that counters an existing group of people moving in the opposite direction. For example, there is now a movement for people on lock down from the coronavirus to go back to work. This is understandable because, as mentioned above, we depend on money to live because the world as a whole is conditioned to thinking that this is the only way for humans to live on this planet. However, there are also a great many number of people who feel its now too early, and therefore still unsafe to return to work. This obviously produces a conflict.

The other way in which conflict is created by the above mentioned examples is that when we go against these guidelines set forth to mitigate and slow the spread of the disease for the good of the whole, this produces a conflict with the dictates of the nature of the disease. For example, the disease has told us that when we get together in large groups it’s going to spread and cause more collective harm, pain, and suffering. If we don’t pay attention to that…, if we don’t pay attention and acknowledge that fact, if we remain “unaware”, we suffer consequences. These consequences are a form of conflict since they involve pain, and we naturally abhor pain and suffering and want to get as far away from it as fast as we possibly can. It’s basically living in a state of varying discomfort and dis-ease. So right now we have a collective action occurring based on this fact.

It is also a fact that when we don’t have money we’re hurting in many ways, and conversely, when we have money we’re not hurting. However, the difference between these two “facts”, is that one is created, dictated, and mandated by us and the other one isn’t. This is to say, the system of money is something that was created by human thought, and the virus is not. To further clarify this point, imagine we scooped ALL humans on the planet and temporarily placed everyone in a nice climate controlled jar off to the side with plenty of food, water, shelter, medical care, where ALL where taken care of (geese, I don’t think anyone would want to leave). Now we have only the planet exactly as it presently is minus all humans.

Now…, questions:

Would there be money? That is, would money exist at all on it’s own without us??

Would the virus still exist on it’s own without us??

This is the point.

This is why it is so incredibly urgent that we “wake up”. The way in which we “wake up” is by understanding the nature of thought. The thing that constantly runs us. The thing responsible for all our operating institutions, and systems. We live inside of thought when thought is just a tool to be used by us. Instead we are unknowingly being used by thought.




Supremely active in doing nothing.

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Concerned Global Citizen

Concerned Global Citizen

Supremely active in doing nothing.

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