The Coronavirus May Linger As Long As We’re Tied to The “Thought System” of “Money”

Concerned Global Citizen
2 min readApr 30, 2020


The Trump administration want’s America back to work while the coronavirus still rages, and he might very well get it, but at what cost?

Trump has made it pretty clear and obvious that he would like “this to be over very quickly and everyone back to work”. Seeing how federal funding is being withheld to State and local governments, what appears to be happening is that the choice for these municipalities now becomes the choice between no money and little to no services, or to open back up and go back to work and start making money again. So the plan can be seen as masterfully manipulative and brutal. No surprise coming from an “I”.

However, this strategy would appear to be incredibly short-sighted and flawed in that the lack of state and local federal funding that would cripple essential services would also effect business. How can there be any semblance of normalcy? Which it’s assumed that that’s the object of desire here. That is, to go back to the good old economy and life. Without essential services such as medical, police, fire, sanitation, etc., how could this possibly happen? Or if a business happens to catch fire? Who’s going to put it out? Or if a business gets robbed(another fatal characteristic of the system of money)? Who’s going to chase down the bad guy? How would the business itself function as the garbage piles up in the back of stores and alleyways? Wouldn’t that be a vector for further illness and disease?

Where does money come from? Does it exist separately out there in the ether all on its own for us to interact with like air, water, or sunshine? Or is it actually just a product or invention of human thought?

Under “normal” circumstances money is viewed as the answer to all our problems and prayers, but now, in these most “un-normal” circumstances, money looms heavily over us all causing great concern, worry, anxiety, and fear. Now we experience the “inverse” of the thought concept of “money” as “no money” which can all together be quite a painful experience. For instance, just look at the way the government uses monetary and financial “penalties” to force compliance, hitting you right where it hurts, in the purse. Money is a form of control mechanism because it has the power to inflict pain, or deliver pleasure.

So now, we come face-to-face with the reality of what money actually is and what it actually does.

Which might then lead one to ask the question…