The Downward Spiral Of Humanity Trapped In The Misunderstanding & Misuse Of Thought

Concerned Global Citizen
2 min readSep 1, 2020


Thought is recording which is time & measurement. We are “trapped” in this process.

Why is it that the president is very quick to send federal assistance to states for “law enforcement”, but when it comes to federal assistance for Covid-19, he’s “la zay fair” where each state is left to deal with and handle the Covid-19 Pandemic in any way they want when it is just as much, if not more, of a physical threat to all than mass protests?

In fact, the virus’s existence along with the mass protests is serving only to exacerbate both problems, and this is the recipe for a “death spiral”. It serves as a sort of deadly amplification process.

A cycle of the ratcheting up of physical conflict has been entered fueled by the divisive nature of the structure of thought itself.

A deadly spiral into the depths of suffering that humanity the world over and throughout all time has seemingly unendingly had to endure.