The Irony of The “Anti-Police/Black Lives Matter” Protests And All “Movements” In General

Concerned Global Citizen
3 min readJun 19, 2020


The protests are about “ending violence” and “saving lives”, but they only serve to recreate the opposite they’re opposing.

The protests began in opposition to the killing of black people by police. So the idea is to “take a stand” against police brutality, to stop people in the role of police from murdering people of color(specifically) not in the role of police. So the idea is to “save”, or “preserve” human life.

If we notice, most of the protests seem to have been met by, of all things, more police brutality. And herein demonstrates the real “Law” of the universe and creation…, the reason that all “protests”, all “movements”…, all external “revolutions” in general are ultimately doomed to eternal struggle, strife, and ultimtely failure,…because the creation of the “one”, is in itself the implication and creation of the “other”. This is to say, that it is a physical law of the universe akin to the laws of physics, science, and mathematics that anything asserted/created must also create its opposite.

“Everything Affirmed Contains Its Own Opposite, And Effort To Overcome Strengthens That Against Which It Strives” — J. Krishnamurti

The nature of any “movement” is intrinsically a “polarizing” one, and the nature of “polarization” is to draw up and choose “sides”. This means that the act of moving to “counter” a thing must first create that thing in order to be able to “counter” it. So taking a stand “against” something really is also taking a stand “for” it as it must be created for an “against” stand to exist.

So in effect what winds up happening is that we wind up creating the thing that we’re trying to avoid. We’re currently unaware of this because we are blinded by thought, and this unawareness causes us to continually re-create both the opposition and the effort to overcome it.

We then wind up like a dog chasing its own tale.

Therefore, when any “stand” is taken against police brutality, or for/against anything in general, this can only exist by first implicitly implying/creating the thing that is opposite the stand being taken as each side creates, contains, and maintains the other. Each side is mutually dependent or interdependent upon the other in that the presence of each is required to define the other, therefore each may only exist within the other.

Therefore a stand “against” police brutality must create a stand “for” police brutality, and who better to take a stand for police brutality other than the police? So by protesting, protestors are only inviting and inciting more conflict and violence…, the very thing they’re protesting “against!” This is the very definition of conflict.

Furthermore, there’s still a raging pandemic going on where many states in the U.S. are continuing to have their number of coronavirus infections go up. So here we have a situation, where, people are protesting to “save life” and lives, but at the same time, not only increasing the odds of more potentially life-taking/destroying chaos and violence, but also increasing the chances and probability that people’s lives will be taken by the further spreading of the Covid19 viral pandemic. All this seems somewhat illogical to say the least.

So again, we have the same pattern repeated…, taking an action to bring about a desired effect, or desired change only serving to (re)create more of the same undesired opposite effect.

Indeed, we are constantly working against ourselves.