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“The Law Of Opposites”, Or “The Law Of Oneness”

Concerned Global Citizen
5 min readMar 1, 2021


This is a fundamental law which exists throughout the entirety of ALL creation/existence which is readily observable by anyone.

The law is based on the following observation — please do not just believe or disbelieve what is being said here but look for yourself to verify if it really is true or not:

Everything that exists in creation exists as mutually dependent pairs of opposites. Each and every “thing” that exists, can only exist along side an “opposite thing.”

That is, everything that exists, exists as pairs of interdependent opposites as the “affirmative”, “positive” form of thing, and the “negative” or “inverse” form of not thing.

Absolutely everything that exists as a “seemingly separate thing”, actually exists this way. That is all “physical things” as well as “mental things” as in thought. Again, please look at this for yourself.

Please refer to the below image as an analogy:

Look specifically at the “heart” cookie. Can we see that it exists in two forms? As the “positive — present” form of the cookie for us to individually eat, and then again as the “negative — absent” form.

Both forms of the cookie are absolutely and totally required for each other to exist, and so each opposite creates, contains, and maintains the existence of the other.

Furthermore, due to the “interdependent” and therefore, foundational fundamental nature of this phenomenon, the “two” sides are actually so totally and completely dependent on one another for existence, they may also be viewed as one, hence this law may also be referred to as “The Law of Oneness.”

The Implications For Us

This phenomenon has especially profound implications for us when we view its application to understanding the nature of thought.

Understanding and “seeing” this law at work and in action right now in the present is probably the most important thing one may do in one’s lifetime, as with every additional person coming to “see” the greater the chance of transforming the entire human consciousness of the entire planet.

Therefore being able to understand and see this is the “foundation.”

The existence of the “I/not I” thought, psychological time, desire & fear,… all of this is based on this naturally occurring phenomenon.

Every thought has this characteristic and quality of “mutually-dependent” “separation” and “division.” Therefore, whenever one side is created, so is the other, and so it is also with the thought “I” as it is really the thought “I/not I” and this has profound implications which explain the functioning of our past and present mental states of consciousness on this planet.

Therefore, the nature of thought is itself this “mental division”, a “mental division” between these positive and negative forms of any given thought/idea/notion/concept.

For this mental division to exist, there must also exist a “mental space” in which to “contain the division.” This mental space, or “mental separation” occurs between these two forms which then gives us something to be either “desired”, or “feared.” This mental space also creates the “mental”, or “psychological time” that is required to either “obtain” or “avoid” the now “desired” or “feared” thing.

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The creation of this “psychological time” then creates the grand notion or idea of “psychological becoming”, and “psychological becoming” governs our entire civilization and existence on this planet. It leads to constant striving, constant struggle, constant battle, the living in a near constant state of conflict — both within, and without as the “outer” is merely a reflection of the “inner.”

“Psychological becoming” is the most destructive and devastating thing to humanity — and by extension, to the entire planet.

A dive into the law of opposites

To aid in the explanation of the application of the “law of opposites” to thought, we’re going to draw on an analogy comparison to the above cookie image. We can do this by looking at the “positive” form of the thought “I” as the “heart cookie” cut-out, which would then make the “negative” form of the thought “not I” and the “heart shaped space” remaining after the cut-out. Or perhaps another way to see this cookie analogy to “not I”, or “other than I” would be to look at all the remaining cookie doe that is not the heart cookie.

Then there’s the form of “not I” that is the “absence” of ‘I”, as in “I does not exist.” This could be either a psychological, or a physical death. Using the cookie analogy, this version of “not I” would be like what results from replacing the “heart cookie” back into the hole pattern it came out of. When this happens the “heart cookie” ceases to exist because it is no longer a “separately defined thing.” It is re-joined with the “whole” that it originally came out of.

The division is only ever “superficial.” The division does not really ever mean “separate” and “unrelated.” It’s a division in which things “seem” separate, but are really very, very much related.

Everything is really a part of everything.

Truth is right in front of us at all times.

Observe all of this for yourself to see if it is true!!