The “Record — Compare — Judge” Process Of Thought Appears To Be The Engine Of Desire & Fear

Concerned Global Citizen
2 min readAug 7, 2020

The “record — recall — compare — judge” process appears to be the “engine” of our seemingly perpetual oscillation between “desire” and “fear”.

In order to determine where we are in the movement back and forth between the poles of “desire” and “fear” at any given moment, we must first “record” the given moment and save it with like kind. Then recall and compare it with all of these similar prior experiences. Then rank it as either “more favorable”, or “less favorable”, “better”, “worse”, etc..

The result of any experience is then labeled either as “better”, or “worse”. Engaging in this movement of thought then in tern equates to the experience of some degree of the physical sensations of “pleasure” and “pain”. The experiencing of these physical sensations then go on to create “desire” and “fear”, which is the haunting memory of either something you “want”, or something you don’t “want”.

In addition, this entire “comparing” process, then requires a someone, or something that does the “comparing”, or a “comparer”. So it in effect creates and sustains the central dominating thought of “I”, “I exist”.

Is any of this true?

Please look to see if you can see what is being point to here for yourself. Observe like a scientist, impartially. If you’re partial to something other than what it is you’re observing while you’re observing, then you’re probably not really observing, and if you’re not observing then you have no chance of “seeing”.