The Utter Peril of The Unawareness of The Nature of Thought

We have paid, and continue to pay a heavy collective price due to our lack of awareness and understanding of the nature, structure, form, function, properties, characteristics, of thought.

A creation of thought of any “thing” can also be viewed as a “positive”. This positive in tern creates its own “negative”. This “negative” then gives rise to a new “positive” (in order to counter the negative of the previous positive), which then also creates its own new “negative”.

We then are caught in a vicious cycle quite literally like a dog chasing its own tale. Thought creates some concept, or idea like “money”. The presence of money is the “positive”. This in tern implies that the absence of money is the “negative”. This creates a situation where people wind up depending on money for security which then causes some people to engage in activities that wind up hurting other people, property, and even the planet as a whole.

This then gives rise to the need for the thought concept of “law”. Law, also being a creation of thought, also intended to provide security when present, also incidentally creates its own “negative” in the form of “no law” when absent.

As a counter to this newly created negative of “no law” the the concept of “police force”, and “police officer” is created again by thought. Again, the presence of a “police force” or “police officer” created and working in the way it was originally intended/envisioned, provides security. However, we are met yet again by the incidentally created negative of “police force”, as “no police force”. Which, aside from meaning an actual physical absence of a police force, it may also be seen that when police aren’t “behaving” the way their supposed to, the way that is defined for the “role” of police officer, then it’s worse then them not being there at all because at this point they’re doing more harm than good.

So this brings us to our current moment in time which seems awfully familiar.

Are things just repeating themselves again?

Will it continue to repeat?

Yes…, it may appear that all we “know” how to do in response to any “crisis” is repeat.

Could this be because we’re approaching it from this place of “knowing”? Knowing implies knowledge. Knowledge is dependent on experience. Experiences must occur in time, and therefore or inherently limited by their nature as they have a “beginning” and and “end”. Also, there is no end to these limited experiences. So knowledge, being based on experience which is based on time is limited in that it’s always being “added to”. There’s always a constant accumulation of knowledge occurring, therefore it is never complete or whole. Therefore the negative of “knowledge” and “knowing” is “no knowledge” and “not knowing” which is ignorance. So contained within knowledge itself is ignorance. So “knowledge” implies “ignorance” by its very nature.

And this once again brings us to thought. What is thought? What exactly is knowledge? Is there a relationship between thought and knowledge? If so, what exactly is the nature of that relationship?

Look into this for yourself please, but as you do so, do so completely open, examining this as if you where an impartial and nonjudgemental scientist, looking to learn from observations.

Is any of this true?

Please examine for yourself what is being said here, but be sure to do so without any motive, for as soon as there’s a motive present all true examination has ceased.




Supremely active in doing nothing.

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Concerned Global Citizen

Concerned Global Citizen

Supremely active in doing nothing.

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