The World Sucks The Way It Presently Is, And “No”… This Is Not Depression

Concerned Global Citizen
5 min readMay 3, 2020

The present incarnation of the world dominated by money, power, & the “I” sucks.

In the age of coronavirus, the world “definitely sucks” very badly, but it has sucked long before this, and will continue to suck long after unless we humans collectively do something about it by understanding what thought is and what thought does and thus ceasing to identify with the mental construct/concept of the “I” producing mental movement in some direction.

Just look at our collective human behavior and how it contributes to the “suck-i-ness” of the world. We first create an invention, a product of thought, called “money”. And then we imbue it with all the power in the world to give and take life. We murder, poison, and destroy our environment for it. We then have to live in that most insecure environment that we’ve poisoned and pretend life is just great. “Oh… a little down because the climate is destabilizing? Just go out and buy something.”

Money is billed as the be all end all thing that will cure any ill. You have a climate crisis problem? All that you have to do is throw large sums of money at it. Forgot the fact this it’s money that’s causing the climate crisis in the first place. Or, if you happen to have mesothelioma from asbestos exposure, you can be apart of a class action law suite and obtain “financial compensation” for “damages”. Again, forget the fact that money caused the problem in the first place.

We’re in constant conflict with one another. We are constantly at war with one another, either as nation states(glorified tribalism), or religious groups, or some ideological faction of some kind who aims to blanket the Earth with their views and eradicate the “opposition”. The problem with this approach is that because ideologies reside in the human mind as a product of human thought, and because human thought can change, people holding these ideologies can, for whatever reason, change to an opposing viewpoint at any time. And so because of this, no mater how much death and destruction is wielded to “clear away” the “enemy”, the victorious group will always have to remain vigilant for any “internal division” that might appear. And, again, if we choose to look it may be observed that most every country, if not all, continuously suffers from some type of internal division. There’s always a worry about “preserving the unity of the whole”. In addition to the constant external threats faced, there are also always internal threats as well — a la Ancient Rome.

So here is the crux of the matter: no matter how big, how almighty, how powerful, any nation, state, faction, tribe, group, etc., may be, and no matter how effective it may be at obtaining and maintaining power over all “others”, there is always the threat of the conflict from “within” due to the nature of thought itself.

sTo completely understand the phenomena of this constant external conflict, all that is required is for anyone to understand themselves by understanding the nature of thought. The outer world is merely a reflection of the inner world, therefore, it may also readily be seen that most humans struggle to live with some form and degree of internal conflict as well. This is because there really is no “outer” and “inner”, but instead there is a cycle of one continuous flowing movement of conflict, and it is the misuse and misunderstanding of thought that prevents us from observing this.

Why don’t we, as human beings living on this planet, ever seriously inquire if life on this planet must suck so bad? Must we live this way indefinitely? If so, then noooow there’s cause for depression and suicidal thoughts! Why don’t we ever inquire whether there is a better way of living on this planet as a whole?

We’re constantly involved with trying to improve an infinite number of different things…, healthcare, education, banking regulation reform, child hunger, blind female autism, you name it. We poor our hearts and our souls into these different endeavors. Why can’t we, or won’t we poor our hearts and souls into this endeavor? The endeavor of seeing if we, humanity as a whole has to live the way we have been and are living in constant degradation, conflict, and suffering, or if we can perhaps bring about a radical transformation in our consciousness and change the entire planet to one where peace and harmony are able to reign? It sounds too crazy right? Why doesn’t having to change an infinite number of smaller things that keep multiplying and amplifying and really never change sound just as, if not more crazy??

We never step back and look at our collective behavior and say “look…, this whole thing sucks.” And “Why exactly is it that life sucks so bad for us all on this planet?” Why do we not put our vital, precious, life energy into such a question?

To discover the source of all problems all we have to do is look at ourselves to reveal our collective problem for we are a mirror reflection, a fragment, a shard, and a repeated fractal pattern of the whole. The machinery of thought and conceptuality functions the exact same way in a single human brain/mind as it does in any larger “collective” context/concept such as a village, town, city, county, state, or nation. Therefore, the entire problem of humanity as a whole can be examined/witnessed/observed/seen by any human for themselves. Therefore any human is capable of solving the entirety of humanity’s problem. It can be pointed out by one and observed by another.

We are very capable of this because we already employ this type of rational, sane, and logical behavior. We employ it when when we do science, when we build a skyscraper, or send humans to the moon. But for some reason, when it comes to our collective problems, the problems that really make existence on this planet a living hell for so many…, we can’t, won’t, and don’t employ this same type of behavior. Instead we resort to beliefs, ideologies, and superstitions, anything but the actual fact of what life itself has to tell us.

What do beliefs, ideologies, and superstitions all have in common? They’re creations of our human thought. And we all know how easily thought can change don’t we?