There Really Is No Such Thing As An “Isolated”, Or “Enclosed” System

Concerned Global Citizen
1 min readNov 8, 2020


All life “is relationship.” All life is the constant “interacting” of life with itself, on all layers, and all levels.

The activity of “relating” is what appears to make up, or form the basis of life itself as it can only take place within the movement of life.

Relationship itself appears to be the very substance of life itself in what actually makes up, constitutes, or comprises the flow that is life. It is through relationship that everything influences and affects everything. It’s the nexus of infinite movement.

Is any of this true?

Please look to see if you can see what is being pointed to here for yourself. Observe like a scientist, impartially. If you’re partial to something other than what it is you’re observing while you’re observing, then you’re probably not really observing, and if you’re not observing then you have no chance of “seeing” and then really changing.