Thought Appears To Be “Infinitely Limited”

Concerned Global Citizen
4 min readApr 29, 2020

A collection of articles exploring the nature of thought.

Thought appears to have a limited nature that continues indefinitely as a constant dull repetition and so may be seen as just motion traveling in a circle where it only ever travels around in one particular circumference. If you take a circle and hold it at arms length a part and then twist each hand in the opposite direction, you get an “infinity symbol”.

And so in this way appears to be “infinitely” limited.

“Recording” is time, & time is recording.Think sedimentary rock formations and the growth rings of trees.

Motion also records, in that once a thing travels in any particular direction, it simultaneously cannot travel in any other direction. Therefore, its “path” serves as a sort of “recording” of motion, which occurs in time. In addition to the fact that any motion requires time in order to occur — travel time.

Therefore motion equals time, and time equals motion.

Time also allows for the motion of repetition, and thus recording.

Thought may be seen as a “movement” — hence the expression “train of thought”, or “line of thinking” indicating that thought is a “direction”, and therefore also motion.

Therefore thought as movement also records. Since motion “records”, and recoding is time, therefore thought is time. (Please look at this for yourself)

Thinking, which requires repetition, appears to be a process that naturally serves to “deaden”, or “normalize” the significance or importance of the subject of the thought.

I would like to invite you to take a moment to observe exactly what the nature of thought is for yourself.

What do you see?