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Trump Appears To Be All About “Reward And Punishment”…Is This Really Surprising?

Trump appears to operate within the very basic societally sanctioned and promoted system of “reward and punishment.” He appears to look favorably upon those who favor and support him, and conversely look with great scorn and vindictiveness upon those who don’t. It really does seem to very simply boil down to this: he’s for anyone that’s for him, and he’s against anyone that’s against him. Or in other words, he demands absolute, unquestionable(and therefore “blind”) loyalty.

The system of “Reward And Punishment” appears to be our entire way of life and existence at the moment on this planet…

Are we really that surprised and shocked at this behavior? What if we where to look just a little bit below the surface together here?

The “System” of “Reward And Punishment”

If we look a little more closely, we should see that our entire culture and society is based on reward and punishment. Our religions are based on it. Our laws and learning institutions are based on it(IRS tax laws come most prominently to mind here). The “motto” here is “if you work hard, be a model law-abiding citizen, and pay all your taxes” you’ll be rewarded with a comfortable, safe, secure, perhaps prestigious life. The system of “Reward And Punishment” appears to be our entire way of life and existence at the moment on this planet.

All of the “social-ness” in our “social media” provides for the capability for everybody to “weigh-in” with either their “approval” or “disapproval” of something.

Our entire financial system of money is based on the notions of “profit” and “reward” with it all very simply appearing to boil down to this: the receiving of money is a “reward, and the loosing of money is “punishment.” Look at “tax incentives”, or “tax penalties”, or the “sanctions” or “taxes” one country imposes on another, etc..

All of the “social-ness” in our “social media” provides for the capability for everybody to “weigh-in” with either their “approval” or “disapproval” of something. This, in tern serves as a sort of either “negative” or “positive” reinforcement. Everyone is a judge and a critique now. We see this in the various forms of “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” icon/buttons that are clicked in performing the deed.

Humanity has been exhibiting this type of behavior as var back as recorded history. As the ancient Roman emperors are purported to have done in the Colosseum to signify the a life should be either taken or spared.

The entire world of competitive sports also appears to be based on, and revolve around the notions of “reward” and “punishment.” “Reward” coming in the form of “winning” and “punishment” in the form of “loosing.”

Indeed, our entire history, culture, and civilization has been, and appears to continue to be based on this one way in which “to live”(…although seems that it’s really more like “dying”).

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The “System” of “Comparison And Judgement” And The Identification With Thought

The system of “Reward And Punishment” in tern appears to be based on the systems of “comparison” and “judgement.” The systems of “comparison” and “judgement” require the following: In order to be able to mentally compare anything, we must first be able to hold the two objects of comparison side-by-side. The act of mental comparison then requires the ability to hold any two mental objects side-by-side. This then gives rise to the ability to “record”, or more commonly known as the ability to “recall/remember.”

Next, to be able to compare requires that there must be at least “two things.” The implication of this fact is that in order for at least “two” to occur there must be division and separation.

This phenomena obviously naturally occurs in the physical world, and so thought used to describe and “reflect” the natural world does not seem to possess this “conflicting” and “contradictory” quality as when thought is used to perform recording, measurement, and judgement of purely abstract concepts. This is to say concepts which do not reflect the fact of what actually is, and therefore do not correspond to something which truly objectively verifiably exists.

So it appears that as thought is just “doing its thing” on the physical level of existence, it also somehow winds up again “doing its thing” “inwardly” on the psychological level of existence in the form of the creation and identification with the root thought of “I and not I.”

Please Examine All This For Yourself

Please look into and observe all this for yourself. Something is just being pointed out here, a fact, a readily, collectively observable fact and phenomena which is occurring right now in this instant. Therefore, you can follow along as you read this and look for yourself.

We can see together that Trump is really not so much of a surprise, he’s just a product of “us” all, as we are all a product of this same “collective” mental configuration we refer to as “society” and/or “culture.”

And so we appear to be everlastingly and impossibly caught within the, not yet understood naturally occurring binary polarity that is “thought.”




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Supremely active in doing nothing.

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