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Was Donald Trump Somebody Else Before He Became President?

Was Donald Trump one way before he was president, but now another?

Has the role of president changed his personality at all in any way? If so, how?

I’d really like to know people’s thoughts on this.

What is it that people really see? If one recalls back to before he was president, what kind of person was he? What kind of behavior did he engage in? What what was his attitude towards life then? What is it now?

For me personally, I see no change except to say that to me, his behavior, attitude, and personality in general has only seemed to be super-charged by occupying the role/office of “president”. Like the role/office itself is like high octane fuel for his ego. Everyday that he gets to wake up as president he probably feels that much stronger in it. The more media attention he gets — of any kind — the better…, the more power he probably feels. From this vantage point it appears as though he lives on the energy of attention itself. It’s the constant attention of approval and reaffirmation of one’s identity, or “self”. So it like reinforces and strengthens the “self”. So he appears to constantly crave and desire this like a junkie. So he is really, really mentally unstable.

Back in 2016 when I saw him on the presidential debates, I said to myself “Holy shit…, what the fu**k is Donald Trump doing up there on stage…, and winning!?!?

To me, right then in there I saw that something was deeply, deeply, disturbingly wrong with our society and culture, as to me, the fact of somebody like him even being considered for the role was highly indicative of a serious flaw in our collective ability to judge/discern the competency, capability, and just general all around mental fitness for the position of something as important as the presidency.

Doesn’t the person occupying the role of “President” have their finger on the nuclear button? I mean jesus…, don’t we require that potential postal workers have mental health evaluations, but not someone who might occupy the highest, most powerful political position in the land?

I wish I could say that his continued antics and charades come as a surprise. What do the people that voted for him think they where going go get, or are getting? What did, or do they possibly think he could, or can give them that no one else can? What did they think they where going to get in Donald Trump as pu*sy-grabber-in-chief?

However I will say this …, there is one thing Donald Trump seems to have been brutally honest about all all along…, his dishonesty(…for the most part…there is the matter of the tax evasion, and…, and…). He’s never tried to hide who he was, and he still doesn’t.

It never ceases to amaze me how the collective continues to appear to take him seriously. I mean just exactly what did, or do they expect?




Supremely active in doing nothing.

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Concerned Global Citizen

Supremely active in doing nothing.

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