We Appear To Be Living In One Gigantic Mass Delusional, Illogical, Suicidal State

I generally wind up talking to most everyone I meet about what I see.

I try to talk to people about what they think humanity’s future is on this planet, you know…where do they see it all headed?

Nine times out of ten the answers that come back are usually some form of “we’re going to destroy ourselves”.

I say “why?”

“Do we have to?”

“Can this be prevented??”

“Is there any other way for humans to live??”

“Are we doomed to destroy ourselves and all life on Earth??”

They usually come back with something like…”it’s just our nature”, or, “it’s greed” which feels like another version of “it’s just our nature”. Or that it’s just built in to us somehow.

So at this point I usually say something like:

“So we’re going to just destroy ourselves and all life on the planet and there’s nothing that can be done about it?”

“This is just our destiny??”

“We commit mass extinction and collective suicide??”

After which they just sort of shrug and nod or something.

That humans think and feel this way to me is just so astoundingly shocking and horrifying that it always just about totally blows me away.

So in essence they’re saying “we’re doomed” in one breadth and then they say something like: “hey…, there’s a Met’s game on!” in the next breadth, and they’re off.

Sometimes I talk to them about how its totally possible for humanity to undergo a radical inner revolution and transformation of its consciousness by understanding thought itself, and that this understanding would see the birth of the complete opposite of the world we have now, and they usually say things like “humph…that’ll never happen”, “you’re not going to change the world”, “there’s nothing you can do”.

Or, the other thing I hear is some form of “well…, you gotta have hope”. Hope we’ll find a way, usually through any one or combination of all the old ways of religion, politics, legislation, laws, movements, new(old) ideologies, some new technology. The problem with all of these things is that [a] this is what we have been doing (hence the expression, “hope springs eternal”), and [b] they don’t work, and [c] we’re running out of time. The problem with hope is that it puts the needed change off to some imagined future point in time when the change is needed right now.

The problem I see with all of this is that just about everyone I speak to about this, and it’s a lot of people, all say these very same things. And, since we all collectively make up the world while we are thinking these things, then it would appear as though we might have one gigantic case of a “self-fulfilling prophecy”. It’s clear from these statements that most people think and feel these things, and then we wonder why the world never changes? Because we’re complicit in it’s not changing by continuing to think this way.

Another interesting and ironic thing I’ve noticed of late is this: so you have the majority of people feeling that there really is nothing we can do, and that we are just doomed to destroy ourselves, and its the end-times yada, yada, yada, yet when a few of us start to report on events that actually appear to portend cataclysmic catastrophes we’re usually immediately dismissed as “alarmists” and “fear-mongers”, and sometimes even receive death threats in the worst-case scenario, and just ignored in the best case scenario like the climate scientists of thirty or so years ago who told of the effects of climate change that we’re seeing now.

So on one hand, we believe we are destined to destroy ourselves, and on the other hand, when we’re confronted with evidence that we are indeed destroying ourselves we dismiss it?

Does this seem like mass delusional suicidal illogic at all to anyone??

No wonder I feel like I live in an insane asylum on this planet.

J. Krishnamurti — How does observation reduce the strength and power of emotions and attachments?




Supremely active in doing nothing.

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Concerned Global Citizen

Concerned Global Citizen

Supremely active in doing nothing.

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