We Need Police To Correct Our Collective Dysfunction, But They Seem To Come Along With Their Own

Concerned Global Citizen
3 min readSep 3, 2020


It seems almost everyday now that we hear of some new police transgression of some kind. Indeed, the police appear to be growing increasingly dysfunctional themselves. Might their dysfunction really also be our disfunction?

What is meant by “collective dysfunction?”

What is meant by our “collective dysfunction” is our collective brutality, violence, deceit, deception, racism, hatred, and overall perpetual state of conflict. In other words…, they’re around to “keep our dark side in check”.

What is meant by “keep our dark side in check?”

What is meant by “keep our dark side in check” is they stand as sentinels and “governors” of behavior. They stand as controllers of behavior. And, in order to “control” anything, a force of will is required. So in order for humans to govern or control the behavior of other humans, force is required. Hence there exists the term or concept of a “police force”.

Force itself, by its very nature breeds conflict. Since force breeds conflict and conflict is dysfunction, the whole idea and concept of “law enforcement” does itself also produce dysfunction. So the idea and concept of “law enforcement” has only ever serve to add fuel to the collective fire.

This makes complete sense as the police are themselves us. We the people, the collective…, “make up”, or comprise the body of police. We are the police. The police come from the non-police or “civilian” population. Therefore, this “civilian” population is the ground, or the source of all our institutions that are causing us so much trouble.

Therefore one might next inquire, might there be some unique characteristic to this ground, or collective “whole”, that might be the source or root cause of all this turmoil and conflict? Might the source of all of this outer conflict be emanating from our own collective “consciousness”?

What is meant by “consciousness” is the contents of our thoughts themselves as they are in our presently lived reality. What our thoughts are in this very instant. What makes up our thoughts. What sorts of things do our thoughts tend to constantly revolve around?

This is what we’re trying to look at. This is what we’re trying to get to the bottom of. We’re trying to look at this source as if under a microscope to be able to understand the most minute, and subtle qualities and characteristics of its very structure and form.

This is what we’re trying to do here.