We’re Bothering About Things That Aren’t Even Real While Our World Burns Up Around Us

We continue to bicker, quarrel, and kill about things that aren’t even real, but instead are only existing within our projections of thought.

Things like “race”, “nationality”, “ethnicity”, “nation”, “political party ‘X’”, “religion ‘X’”, “money” etc. are all creations and products of our thought and thinking. While we continue to bicker about “fairness”, and “equality” among “races”, “social classes”, etc., our world is, no-longer-so-subtly, burning up around us.

If we did a little experiment and temporarily moved ALL humans off the planet into a carefully climate-controlled jar off to the side out in space somewhere, would any of the above mentioned things exist on the planet?

Now…, if not, why?

Because all of the above-mentioned things and all things like them come from our imagination do they not?

If not…,

Where do they come from??

Please examine/observe this for yourself.




Supremely active in doing nothing.

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Concerned Global Citizen

Concerned Global Citizen

Supremely active in doing nothing.

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