What Does A Culture Of Instant Gratification Do To The Human Mind?

Concerned Global Citizen
2 min readJun 16, 2020


Could this be a cause of the rampant rise of narcism in humanity?

“I want”…, “Gimmie”…, It’s miiiiiiiiiiine…, my preciousssssse….We’d never get anywhere if we didn’t deceive, manipulate, and exploit.

Our entire society, our entire culture is based on pleasure. We buy for pleasure. We sell for pleasure. We eat for pleasure. We travel for pleasure. We reopen the economy in the midst of a pandemic for pleasure, We fornicate for pleasure. We engage in conflict for pleasure. We kill for pleasure. We practice religion for pleasure. We help others for pleasure. We protest for pleasure. We try to live with as much pleasure as possible to the effect that the majority of our lives is spent in pursuit of pleasure. The entire advertisement industry runs on the ability to generate desire for pleasure as does also a capitalist system.

There’s just one small problem with all of this…, in order to have the experience of pleasure, there must also be the potential, and possibility for also experiencing pain, this due entirely to the nature of thought itself.

When human’s always get what they want, they become selfish. Insensitive. Corrupt. Un-empathetic. When the human mind is consumed by desire it becomes very narrow as it is honed in on the “object of desire”. It then also becomes darkened as it is also filled with fear. The fear being a direct result of having the desire. The fear of not obtaining the object of desire, and having to remain with the object of undesirability. The fear of loosing the desired thing once attained. Therefore, pain and fear are constant companions to pleasure and desire. As long as we don’t see that fear and desire are two sides of the same coin, we will suffer in this living hell we’ve created for ourselves on Earth.