What Kind of Culture Produces Humans Deranged Enough To Butcher Other Humans?

We prey on, exploit, butcher, and massacre one another for beliefs, ideologies, money, power, and all-around insanity — all problems stemming from the human mind and consciousness.

Can we enquire to the bottom of this? By enquire…, I literally mean look. Like… let’s lift up the hood and look at the engine running this sucker.

We might just discover something so utterly immense that no word can adequately capture its magnitude.

What sort of warped and twisted psychological state do humans have to be in in order to perform an act such as this? Our levels and degrees of violence and brutality just always utterly astounds me. I can never “get over” the depth, the breadth, the bone-chilling, and mind-numbing acts of sheer viciousness which we continually inflict upon one another.

J. Krishnamurti — In observation without the observer is there a transformation?

Supremely active in doing nothing.