Why Are We So Preoccupied With Re-opening Society While A Pandemic Still Rages?

Are we just caught between a rock and a hard place?

We want to go back to our old ways of living even though we know its the wrong way. Meaning, we live within this mental thought-created system of money, with pleasure and pain/desire and fear, and we are now experiencing the pain of the absence of money on an unimaginable scale. And we were, and would have continued, experiencing great pain by keeping everything open during the pandemic, as the disease would spread like wild fire and the death toll would also be unimaginable. So we’re caught between the choices of pain, and pain.

So what do we do in this situation?

We do what we know how to do. We go back in the other direction. We pine for the good old days of the “positive” side of the duality/thought-concept-creation that is money.

That is we act out of memory. We look to our memory to furnish the answer to all our problems. To deliver us from the present moment/circumstances living hell. The only problem is that it is the very source of the problem.

We repeat the past instead of being able to be open to the present, to “what is”. Being open to learning from “what is”. Letting the facts of the present moments circumstances…, whatever those facts may be, dictate our actions instead of that of brutal, repetitive, and mechanistic thought. The linchpin in this however, is our ability to acknowledge the facts of what is. We seem to have great difficulty with this. Again, due to the fact that we are currently blinded by thought.