Your Violence Is The Violence Of “ALL Humanity”: Examine This For Yourself

There aren’t different “kinds” of violence, your propensity towards, and for violence that you inherited from your primary care giver, is no different then the violence others engage in on the other side of the planet: Violence IS Violence.

Same goes for your pain and suffering, in any form, of any kind…., there is no difference between an “American’s” pain and suffering, sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness, and that of a “Chinaman’s”, or a “Russian’s”, or an “Iranians”, or… fill in the blank for “X.”

So each person’s individual pain, suffering, violence, is really that of the whole of humanity. There for when one looks at examines, acknowledges, accepts, and ultimately understands these movements within themselves, it is also the equivalent in performing the same acts with, and for the whole of humanity.

Know thyself, and know ALL selves.

Aside from this…, “We the People of the Earth”, make up the “Humanity” that is constantly being referred to. We are the whole. Each one of us is a cell in the body that makes up the whole.




Supremely active in doing nothing.

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Concerned Global Citizen

Concerned Global Citizen

Supremely active in doing nothing.

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