Coronavirus “Shake Awake”

Concerned Global Citizen
3 min readApr 15, 2020


This is likely the first of many tribulations yet to come that humanity must collectively face. It would seem to behoove us if we can learn from this experience, as it would more than likely make the experience of those to come much less severe.

It has been said that “this pandemic is cause and effect on steroids”. Indeed it is saliently clear that our actions make a difference in the outcome of the impact of the virus. Here again, is another incredible “reveal” the virus is offering up to us. Another immense reminder that everything is connected through relationship, and relationship is cause and effect. Therefore, are we to believe that our actions right now, in this moment, do not also effect the outcome of climate destabilization and global warming? Or pollution? Or any crisis?

The coronavirus is showing us something utterly immense…

This is an unimaginable moment in time for the mass of humanity collectively.

The Coronavirus is ripping and reaping across the globe and effecting every single human on the planet.

To think that there was, at one point in time… a patient “0”. That is, the very first person infected by this virus by a bat or whatever animal in which the single act of the crossover occurred. This one single act, this singular moment in time, as it occurred was like it occurred simultaneously to every human on the planet at the exact same moment. What happened to the one, happened to the all. The act is now in the process of potentially manifesting for every single woman, man, and child on the face of this Earth.

It’s what happened to this single human being, not a “Chinese person”, or a “Korean Person”, or a “Vietnamese Person”, or a whatever person, but a HUMAN BEING. This act effecting a single human being, was/is equivalent to that same single act effecting the whole of humanity as one. AS A SINGLE TYPE OF HUMAN ORGANISM. We effectively “are” one another, as each’s actions effect the other in such a way that it’s as if the other had engaged in it themselves. That is, our actions directly impact one another, and in this way it’s like we’re just one body moving through space.

And then from this point the whole of humanity is effected by each and every individual, in the form of the manner in which each individual chooses to handle this situation. Each individual has equal power to make it either better for the collective whole, or worse. Again, like cells in a body, one organism as a whole. However, we all have been, and still are also currently experiencing a type of virus in human thought which is also exacerbating the situation. We’re experiencing pain from the conflict caused by living within systems of thought.

The virus is not constricted by systems of thought. The virus only acts according to the fact of “what is”. If there are more people to infect, it will infect more people. If there are fewer people around to infect, it will infect fewer people. It doesn’t possess the faculty to “think” and thus be carried off into some non-factual, imagined, conceptual fantasy. It remains only with “what is”.

It is the author’s perception that this fact of the virus recognizing us all as one is showing the way in which creation, mother nature, or whatever one wants to conceptualize it as(the author chooses to refer to as “what is”) operates. It is a wake up call and reminder from mother nature showing us that thought is really not real. Only “what is” is real. And that we are lost in thought.

The virus is showing us the way in which we truly exist.

The virus is showing us the truth of our own existence.

The virus is reflecting to us the true manner of our existence within creation, and not according to the artificial, and superficial divisions created by human thought.

The question now becomes…, can we wake up in time to see this?