If You’re Interested In Exploring How Important “Every” Human Life Is, Then Read This

Concerned Global Citizen
3 min readNov 24, 2020


Every human being alive on the planet right now holds the fate of the entire human species and all life in their hands whether they realize it or not.

How can this be you say?

Because it is incumbent upon each and every human to “see.” To see and understand the nature of thought and thinking. To understand and see how we are all unaware of the way thought actually works, and how this unawareness of the true nature of thought results in our being blinded and enslaved by it. To see and become aware of this is to journey forth into the essence and wholeness of life.

It is absolutely possible for each and every human to “see” the true nature of thought in the same exact way as it is possible for each and every human to understand math, science, and/or logic. It is just pure logical inference and it is universal.

What typically prevents us from being able to see the true nature of thought is the mechanical nature and conditioning of thought itself which is “running us”, instead of “us running it”. When thought is in control of us, as it has been, and is now, we live inside of it and “see” only division and separation which results in endless conflict, war, pain, and suffering. Thought is humanity’s superpower. It’s what both, distinguishes us from every other life form on the planet, and what we all have in common. We have not yet learned how to properly use our superpower and its proper place, and so instead it is running roughshod over everything and seriously threatens to destroy all life.

To break free from the grip of thought and truly see thought for what it is, we must approach learning about it and observing it the way we would math, science, or logic, without any interference from what we “already know.”

Once “seeing” occurs, this passive action of observation and acknowledgement is all that’s required to bring about a radical transformation of consciousness. As when one “sees” then “right action” will effortlessly occur. This “right action” is the action of “wholeness” which is concerned with, and interacts only with “what is”, or the fact of what is actually occurring in the present moment. It meets the present moment with its full attention which is with “wholeness.”

This action of wholeness is the awakening of intelligence on the part of each and every human and is what will bring about a radical inner mutation within the brain itself which may be viewed as the next phase of our human evolution. This radical inner change will then, in tern, lead to a radical outer change and completely transform our entire way of life and living on the entire planet resulting in the birth of a new “global”, or “planetary” consciousness.

Please don’t “believe” what is said here, but instead “see” it for yourself!