What Does It Mean To Live “Inside” Thought?

Concerned Global Citizen
5 min readOct 17, 2020


What “living inside thought” appears to mean…, from what can be discerned, is the “living inside of”, or “living through” the memory.

The way in which this appears to happen is by the constant activity of comparing what is presently being experienced to what has already been experienced, or what is already known.

This process requires that we first “measure” and “record” our present experience so it can be “compared”. So we are not only living through our memory, but we’re also constantly adding to it because the act of “comparing” can only be done with things that are non-changing, or static. So we are also constantly recording.

We are constantly recording, recalling/comparing.

Please watch this for yourself.

What are the implications of this activity?

One major implication appears to be that we never truly “see” anything for what it truly is because we’re too busy recording our present experience and then seeing it through the comparison to some other recorded experience.

This activity is the “measure”, “record”, “recall”, “compare”, and “judge” process of thought in support of the process of identifying with the thought “I/not I.”

This process is required specifically to support the constant “comparison” that is required when the “I/not I” thought is identified with and the perception of mental, or “psychological” division is created.

Because there is now this division in the form of “I” and “other than I” there exists “other people and/or things” to be either “desired” or “feared.” This in tern produces the idea or notion of “ideals” or “goals”, which is a thing to be “gotten”, “had”, or “attained” which lies out in some projected future time.

Since time is what’s required for movement, this then implies separation or space containing “two points”…a point in space to be “moved to”, and a point in space to be “moved from.”

This phenomena then gives rise to the creation of “psychological time” and the notions of “past” and “future.” Therefore, there must be a way to evaluate, determine, or “judge” the location between these two mental points in any given moment to aid in determining the next course of action required to either obtain the desired things, or move away from them — whatever they are.

These mental projections then require all our attention, energy, and focus thus diverting our attention from the present moment, which then causes us to be unable to be with, or fully attend to the present moment.

When we’re not fully with the present moment, we wind up missing what’s “actually” happening. When we miss what’s “actually” happening we miss important signs and information from life. We fail to live in relationship. We fail to see and hear what life is always telling us, again because our attention is consumed by division-induced mental projections of desire and fear.
Again, all brought about by the “self conceptualization” produced by the identification with thought.
In this resulting state of “inattention” we’re more prone to danger in the form of accidents, and ill-advised behavior possibly resulting in pain, suffering, and death.

In this state we aren’t acknowledging the present, and without being able to acknowledge the present we can never understand the present, and without understanding the present we’re truly unable to live peacefully and harmoniously. Because we don’t acknowledge the present, we’re then not able to see that it is able to answer ALL our questions and solve ALL our “problems.”

Please look, see, and wind up “doing” this now.
Please Don’t either believe or disbelieve what’s being said here, but please do instead look for yourself and see if what is being pointed at actually exits.

We’re blinded in any given moment as we’re somehow either subtly, or overtly gripped by either desire and fear as a result of this whole process.
We’re constantly desiring to be free of fear, and fearing our desires will never be fulfilled. We chase the desire and escape the fear never realizing the that the two are really the two sides of the same coin, and the chasing of desire to escape fear is also continuously recreating the very fear that’s trying to be evaded.

The whole process feeds on itself like a dog chasing its own tail, or a perpetual motion machine of some sort, just circling around, and around, and around in a seemingly endless cycle of conflict, pain, and suffering

This continual cycling then has the effect of blinding us to “the fact of what actually is”, preventing us from acknowledging the one thing that actually holds salvation for us… the present.

So it’s like we’re constantly living inside of comparison, and comparison is itself a continuously “divisive act” by its very nature as outlined above, so we’re constantly living inside the superficial perception of division.

Thought appears to be humanity’s superpower yet we don’t understand what it really is, and what its really doing as we’re using it.
Because of this we are controlled by thought, instead of the other way around.

By not seeing and understanding the true nature of thought, we also can’t see its proper role and place in our lives to be used by us as a tool to function in daily living.

Because we don’t see the true binary and divisive nature of thought we continue to identify with the “I.”

To see this is true transformation.

Is any of this true?

Please look to see if you can see what is being point to here for yourself. Observe like a scientist, impartially. If you’re partial to something other than what it is you’re observing while you’re observing, then you’re probably not really observing, and if you’re not observing then you have no chance of “seeing” and then really changing.