Meeting The Virus With “The Same Old Ways” Will Only Lead To Further Suffering, Misery, & Death

It’s obvious all of humanity’s “old ways” are being challenged, and this is just the beginning.

This virus is affording humanity a tremendous opportunity to grow by affording humanity a tremendous opportunity to “see” all the errors of its old ways of living. We are being challenged like never before as we’re being forced to confront all our old systems, ways of doing things, and ways of living and existing on this planet.

We can directly see that as long as we don’t have a vaccine/cure for this disease it will continue to spread and wreak havoc and suffering, yet we insist on going back to “normal”. We are insisting to “reopen”, to “go back to work”, to “save the economy”. The economy… “we need the economy to live… to survive”, yet the old economy will kill us. In fact, the old-current economy is killing us anyway as it contributes to environmental degradation and climate destabilization, death, destruction, and geopolitical destabilization brought on by arms sales, and just all the nefarious activities that humans constantly perpetrate in the pursuit of more money. The old economy depends on our living in conflict with one another and the planet. If we’re such an intelligent species as we often claim to be, how is it we continue to live in such an obviously unsustainable way?

Thanks to the virus, the Earth and all it’s other inhabitants are finally getting somewhat of a break from our toxicity as the slowing of our industrialized process is resulting in a cleaner and more peaceful environment. We are actually getting a glimpse of what life “could be like” if it weren’t so easily eclipsed by the “economic pain” we are feeling. The economy of course is a creation of ours. An invention. An elected, or chosen way of living on this planet. It is a product of human thought and as such has no independent reality outside of the human brain.

Other products of human thought causing great pain and harm are also being challenged. All the old ways of viewing one another as different races, ethnicities, religions, classes, nationalities, ideologies, etc., are preventing us from addressing this crisis appropriately are also coming to the fore. These old ways are preventing us from addressing and treating the virus equally for ALL humans as this is a “human problem” in that if any one of us has the virus it is a potential threat to all of us. The virus is showing us how these creations of thought that we have been living inside for so long, for generations, is more of a threat to our existence than the virus itself. The virus is the least of our problems. We are our own worst problem.

What will it take for us to wake up? To wake us out of this deadly miasma of thought? What will it take for us all to finally see the truth? The truth which exists independent of us all.




Supremely active in doing nothing.

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Concerned Global Citizen

Concerned Global Citizen

Supremely active in doing nothing.

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