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Our Lives Are In Each Other’s Hands

Concerned Global Citizen
3 min readDec 25, 2020


Each of our lives are in the hands of everyone else on the planet. Everyone’s actions have the potential of effecting all lives. That is… we all possess the potential of engaging in actions and activities that effect the lives of every human on the planet, not only our own.

How could this be so one might say?

Because our individual daily behavior has a far greater impact on the “whole” than we are aware of. We can look at some examples to see how this is so.

Let’s take the corona virus pandemic that’s currently gripping and ripping across the earth. The “collective severity” of this virus is effected by the behavior of each and every human that may come into contact with that virus, e.g.: adhering to all the recommended safety precautions intended to slow the spread, as opposed to not doing this and increasing the potential of collectively spreading the virus that much further.

Or, as perhaps another example, take all of the poor tortured, tormented, and twisted human souls that have picked up a gun of some kind and gone on a random killing spree injuring and killing 10’s, if not 100’s of people inside of just a few minutes? If this isn’t the definition of a massacre, and genocide I don’t know what is. This one individuals act definitely enormously impacts other people, albeit in an unbelievably life-scaring, unfathomably negative way. Or, the humans of same mental state who might launch a nuclear missile, or some weapon of mass destruction. That’s all it takes is for one person is to have an intention to push some button somewhere and kick of one of the ultimate doomsday scenarios.

Or the various company’s (made up of people from this culture and society) who have spewed toxic chemicals into the environment such as to poison every single aspect of— air, water, soil — to the point where at this moment there probably is not a single unpolluted, and non-toxic place on the Earth. So we have a relatively small group of people(making up the company) again, effecting the entire planet of humans both now, and into the forceable future.

So I’d say that there is ample proof and evidence of a single or small number of humans effecting the lives of many, many others. Hopefully, we may see together the proof of the fact that one person is capable of effecting the whole of humanity in some way. Due to the fact that such an event can happen in a “negative” sense, says that it can also be done in a “positive” sense as well as everything that exists does so as a pair of opposites(see this for yourself).