The Financial “Pain” We‘re In Is A Direct Result Of The “Way We Live” — NOT The Coronavirus

Concerned Global Citizen
8 min readJul 22, 2020


What’s that you say? Surely that human has lost their minds! Might it be that the current collective insanity of the entire world is being mistaken for “sanity”, and that “real sanity” is then made to appear as “insanity”? That is… we’re so collectively insane that we actually think we’re sane?

Because of this, when notions, propositions, or ideas arrive similar to that of which is in this article, anything that is actually true sanity is immediately dismissed as insane.

That we’re so collectedly “sick” that we see “insanity” as “sanity”, and “sanity” as “insanity”. That is, the complete meaning of this notion of “sanity” is logically flipped like a computer bit consisting of “0's” and “1's”. This should surely be seen as a sign that we collectively need to cease all activities immediately and deeply inquire into the root cause of all humanity’s problems. And if we need to, first deeply inquire into if there even is a root cause of all humanity’s problems.

Now…, on to about the title of this article and “why” and “how” the financial pain we’re presently in is due to our way of life and not the coronavirus.

It is because, money, being an invention of our thought, possesses the properties, qualities, and characteristics of language — the basis of thought.

Language, in tern consists of words formed to represent “concepts”. For a concept to even come into creation and exist, it must follow a very important “law”, for lack of a better term. Also, again, for lack of a better term, we can refer to this law as “the law of opposites”. This law is unimaginably fundamental to creation and existence.

So, circling back to our main point — how this thought-system of “money” is the cause of our pain and not the coronavirus…

Our thought system of “money” works as follows:

The system says:

“All things you will need to live to be physically and mentally secure; food, clothing, shelter, water, medical, dental, counseling, etc., will require money. Hence money is to be used for security”. Which implies we are guaranteed to need money to live.

It then further says:

“You must go out to acquire and accumulate this invention”

And then still further says:

“Oh, and by the way…, you’re restricted in the ways in which you’re able, or allowed to obtain this thing called money.” “If you obtain money in any of these prohibited, or illegal ways, you will go to jail and suffer in some unimaginable way.”

So there you have it, …the setup.

As far as I can tell, this system seems to be implying or saying “your guaranteed to need money, but your not guaranteed to get it.” So the system is saying…, “here… you’ll need something to survive, but you’re not guaranteed to get it.” Wouldn’t this immediately invoke, or create feelings of great dread, uncertainty, and anxiety in anyone? Wouldn’t something like this just provoke an automatic reaction of “stress” causing a spike in cortisol levels and doing harm to the physical and psychological organisms?

I mean… if someone came to you and said “ok, we’re going to remove your air supply for a certain amount of time. We’re not going to tell what that amount of time is.” Would you not get a little anxious? Seems sort of natural doesn’t it?

So it would seem that we’ve set up this whole system to breed, corruption, waste, conflict, fear, anxiety, and depression right from the git-go.

And so let’s now look at the mechanics of how this is so.

So again, to circle back to our initial observation that the thing we call “money” is just an invention of our thought consisting of the things called “concepts”. And so now, as we drill into exactly what a concept is we should begin to see the source of the problem.

If we step still further in we may see that a concept is formed by drawing or creating a boundary of some kind. The act of creating this boundary is what creates the division that is required to have a concept. It creates the “thing” and “not the thing” as it must, as each creates, contains, and maintains the other.

As in the case of money we say “let there be money” and as this immediately creates “money” out of the whole, it leaves behind the co-created negative, or inverse formation as “not money”. So as “money” is created, it can only be done so by having also created “not money”. What this means is that, for the possibility of something called “money” to exist, the possibility for “money” not to exist must itself also exist. [My apologies if that is confusing. Please try to follow, or contact me in the “response” section .] So by creating the existence of “money”, we’ve also thereby created the non-existence of “money”, or the potential to experience the reality of what it means to “not have money”. This means there’s the potential or possibility of having an insufficient amount of money, or none at all, again, just by the very nature of the of thought & conceptuality itself.

Unfortunately, the potentiality and actuality of the experience of “no money” all too well. We all know the constant worry and struggle — perhaps even still for the richest among us.

So this whole dynamic then appears to create what I refer to as an “upward pressure” bing placed on the demand for this thing called money.

The below article goes into further detail on this.

Since we have to survive, and there’ s no guarantee that we’re going to get money to be able to survive, we then wind up feeling that there’s no guarantee we’ll survive. This naturally, lights a humungous fire under most every human’s ass as the “will to survive” kicks in. It looks like the whole thing basically runs on the will to survive, or desire. Therefore, when desire is in the driver’s seat, when desire is in control, we humans commit all manner and manifestations of atrocities against one another, and really against the entire planet and all life if we look at it. The net effect of all this sort of behavior is that we are never really truly able to feel safe and secure. We have to always be watching out, always be watching over our backs in every since…, physically, mentally, digitally, spiritually, etc. because we’re all subject to constant exploitation and predation precisely due to this problem of “money” that we can just never have enough of.

So if we look again we can see that we have a situation where we’ve created this thing called money and imbued it with the responsibility of representing the idea or notion of “security”, both physical and psychological. However, again, due to the dual nature of concept creation that is money, we have a situation where it is possible that money be hard to come by or non-existent. This fact intern drives our collective behavioral imperative to ensure that we continue to have the experience of having money with the operative being “the more, the better”. This imperative then actually winds up manifesting, or creating the inverse intention of money’s originally intended purpose — to exist and be used for security. So we have a situation where, the existence of money itself also precisely breads the “insecurity” which it was created to address in the first place.

And so in this way, by continuing to live according to, and inside of thought. That is, by continuing to be guided by systems of our own thought, we also perpetuate the creation of the opposites which thought consists of. And so, when this opposite is created we are then forever in conflict with it as a thing to be avoided at all costs.

By now, I hope you can see why I keep writing articles that have images of things going in circles, or images of different things…, animals, machines, children at odds, or in conflict with one another. It’s because I’m trying to point something immense out. Trying to get everyone to pull back, or up, or out to a macroscopic view here and see the big patterns at play so that we may understand our lives and why we’ve been living the way we have. And probably most importantly, that there is another way to live. That we don’t have to continue living this way. We are not damned or condemned as much as it feels like it…, and believe me… I have definitely felt this way more than my fare share.

The fact that we’re experiencing a great amount of pain now with the presence of the coronavirus is because it’s forcing us to experience that opposite side of the creation, that side that is the absence/non-existence of money on a grand scale, as opposed to the experience of the presence/existence of money that we’re “normally” “used to”.

It’s just exposing the inherent pain and suffering that is built into living within creations/systems of thought.

Is any of this true?

Please examine this for yourself and see if it is. Observe like a scientist without a motive so that you may learn from your looking.