The Only “Change” We Seem Capable Of Is The “Contradictory”, “Conflicting”, And “Repetitive” Variety

Concerned Global Citizen


Until we fully understand the true nature of thought, the only change we’ll ever be capable of is “repetitive change.”

Because any “change” we attempt to forge is driven by thought, and thought is “dual by nature”, this guarantees that the motion of thought will only ever move between the dual positive and negative poles of the assertion that it is comprised of.

This in tern, basically amounts to a repetitive, cyclic, and mechanical motion. This type of motion is therefore always limited by its very nature.

source: mind of author

What is the opposite of cyclic motion?

Non-cyclic motion no?

What is non-cyclic motion?

Is it not motion that just proceeds in an infinite straight line?

Might this then mean that we are capable of a another “infinite-type” of change?An infinite “linear” change as opposed to this infinite cyclic change?

What is this?

What does “infinite linear change” look like?

If we “see” this nature of thought, and so as a result of “seeing” become freed from it, then perhaps we might then come to experience whatever “infinite linear change” is?