Two Minutes to See the Root Cause of All Mankind’s Problems

Concerned Global Citizen
4 min readOct 19, 2019

Desire moves you in a direction.

And when it does, it instantaneously creates the opposite direction.

This automatically creates conflict.

As now, in order to experience only the “one side” the other side, which is a by-product of creation itself, must also exist and henceforth forever be feared, suppressed, controlled, denied, destroyed, or just avoided at all costs in general.



Seek to identify your desires and fears.

See for yourself that where there’s fear there’s desire, and where there’s desire there’s fear.

So the movement of desire basically equates to never-ending/eternal conflict, as the act of the movement in some direction, which desire is, must always automatically create its opposite which is basically fear.

So the desiring “away from” the incidentally created undesired/feared opposite only continues the perpetuation of the creation of the opposite undesired/feared thing.

Desire is, in essence, a perpetual motion machine.

The problem with this is that in the state of constant confusion, delusion, and conflict brought about by this movement we’re destroying ourselves and all life on the planet, as well as rendering the planet uninhabitable for future life.

Hence the dire need to…



For a true and permanent transformation to occur it is imperative that one witnesses this movement occurring either within oneself, or outside of oneself, or both, right NOW.

Now you may see it and then think… “OK this is messed up, what can “I” do about it??

There is nothing to do but to see.

The act of “seeing” is itself the “doing”. That is the seeing is the “action” to be taken. This is totally new and different because this type of action is “passive”.

Once one see’s this in action, right now, going on in real-time, like one would lift up the hood of a running car and observe the engine running, the acknowledgement of the fact of what is being seen will itself change you in a most extraordinary way which cannot be described but only experienced.

This miraculous change brought about by seeing will then cause one to effortlessly, precisely, and wholly appropriately address the needs of any given moment in a way that requires no deliberation at all.

As a NON-Trivial Corollary To This…

Desire may be seen/observed to take the form of the thought “I want”.

The thought “I want” creates the concept “I”.

It does so in the following manner:

Since the act of “wanting” implies there is an external, or separate “thing” to obtain, this automatically/simultaneously also creates an individual “I” who does the “obtaining”. So there’s the “obtained” and the one doing the obtaining, the “obtainer”. Therefore, this activity produces a superficial division.

If one looks a bit more closely, they should come to also see that the superficiality is because it’s not a REAL division since in order for one side to exist, the opposite side must also exist because each may only be defined in terms of its opposite.

E.g. any thought of the form

“I’m this” (_fill_in_the_blank) really implies “I’m this” (as opposed to that), or “I’m not that…”

Basically, everything that exists, really does so as a pair of opposites.

As a further corollary to this we may also now see that in this way, the whole is ALWAYS present and acting as a “thing” and the negation of that thing as “not thing”. The two are always present and acting together because each requires the other to exist.

And it is this fact we are unable to see because we are blinded by the constant mental movement between fear and desire resulting from the repetition, and so perpetuation, of the thought concept “I”.

The thought concept “I”, then having been created, also creates its opposite as “not I”, and since the “I” concept is made the center of everything, the created “not I” becomes “other” and the constant source of contention and conflict.

We then seek further shelter, pleasure, and security in the “I” to escape the pain, suffering, and insecurity unknowingly being brought about by the belief in “I”.

It is an utterly vicious cycle with no end except the end of everything.

Again the thing to “do” here, if anything, is just to see this going on within yourself right now, like seeing the running engine of a car for the first time, accept what’s being pointed to is the “running engine” of thought itself.

The thing that’s been running us and that we must learn how to properly use before it destroys us.

Is any of this true?

Please examine this for yourself without any motive, for if you have a motive it will dictate the answer.

Please examine this for yourself without any motive, for if you have a motive it will dictate the answer.