Understanding Child Sex Trafficking

Concerned Global Citizen
4 min readJun 6, 2023

Lately attention is being brought to the matters of child sex trafficking and Pedophilia.

I’ve heard that Mexico is the #1 supplier of children, and the US is the #1 consumer. — Wow.


OK, letting that one hit and sink in for a bit.

I’m hearing children are sold into slavery and re-sold/used 10–15 x’s a day.
I’m hearing that this new “industry” is massively more lucrative than drug, or even human trafficking in general.
In addition to these things, I’m also hearing that children are also having their organs harvested.

These things are VERY difficult to hear, take in, and accept.
It’s very difficult to believe that humans could engage in these behaviors.
That humans could do this to themselves.

It inevitably leads to the following question:
Why is there such a desire and appetite for child pornography, pedophilia, and sex trafficking?

Although this is extremely difficult to look at, I feel it must be done if we-as a species-are ever to transcend this behavior.
We must seek to understand why this is happening.
Why and how do our societies continue to produce humans with these behaviors?

I think the same could be asked of money.
Why and how does money continue to have the effect on us that it’s been having?
It seems we must also come to understand exactly what the invention of money is, what it does, what role it plays, what are its effects, etc..
We must come to understand our relationship with money.
It is an invention of our human mind, so what is the ‘essence’ of this invention?
What is the ‘embodiment of its intentionality?’
Exactly what is it really at its core as a thing that exists?

Circling back to the question of why adults are attracted to children, this one might be difficult to answer unless we sit down with someone who feels this way and have a discussion with them about it in an effort to understand and uncover what is most likely a repeating pattern of some sort.

The problem with this is that it’s difficult to get over our own revulsion of the act, and the person committing it.
It’s difficult to get past that intense disdain and disgust, but if we can perhaps suspend it, or put it aside for a moment long enough to get a glimpse at what exactly it is that causes humans to behave this way, we may actually have a real chance of eradicating this destructive behavior from our species.

On first look, it appears to me that this attraction may have something to do with the innocense, purity, and peace that children naturally come into the world with.
It seems to me that this attraction may be the result of a great lack of these qualities and characteristics within ourselves. That we are dead, empty, shells of human beings because of our present way of life on this planet.
We’ve most likely suffered some sort of early childhood trauma ourselves that has succeeded in deadening our spirits to the world turning us into these empty shells. We’re empty inside, devoid of these qualities.
Perhaps it’s a reflection of our own yearning, longing, and desire to remain in this purity and peace because our daily lives are filled with such filth and conflict, internally and externally.

The behavior in general appears to be the reflection of a much larger malady in our societies, our cultures, and in humanity in general.
The malady of living in constant war and conflict of some kind on this planet. The malady of divisiveness, subversion, betrayal, hatred, anger, violence, brutality, and savagery.

There is this inability to feel, to empathize, to understand how life must be for another, that large portions of the human population seem to be engaging in.
There appears to be an ‘epidemic’ of ‘empathy deficit disorder.’
Specifically what I mean by this is that the people who perpetrate and inflict this suffering on other humans, all appear to have an inability to be empathetic, or to feel what it is they’re victims might be going through.

How do humans wind up being detached and/or removed from their own humanity so as not to be able to feel and empathize with the suffering of another?
Might it possibly be due to any child-hood suffering/abuse/trauma of their own?

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