When We’re Talking About Saving Lives, Then “By Any Means Necessary” Is Unquestionably Justifiable

Concerned Global Citizen


Might there be anything wrong with this statement?

The persecution of “the unvaccinated” begins.

If one looks carefully and closely, one should soon see that this is what is being subtlety, or perhaps, not so subtly implied when media figures and central figures of authority say something like:

[…dramatic music begins to play…]

“We’re in a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

[…dramatic music builds…]

“It’s the unvaccinated people that are the cause of everyone else's pain, suffering, and misery!”

[…dramatic music builds and becomes more frenetic…]

“It is they, they are to blame for the proliferation of the pandemic and all the misery, suffering, and death that the pandemic has caused and is continuing to cause!”

[…dramatic music becoming increasingly frantic…]

“…They are the cause!”

[…dramatic music now approaching chaotic…]

“We must shame them!”
“It is they who are standing in our way!
“How dare they trample on our rights!”

[dramatic music now screaming at a fever pitch 5-bell alarm!!!!!]

“We must exterminate them by any means necessary to achieve our ultimate goal of freedom from the corona virus!”



Hold on my brother’s and sister’s…
we have been here many, many, many, times before.
In fact, we just keep tumbling and repeating this same pattern over, and over, and over again.
The specifics may be slightly altered here and there, but the overall pattern remains the same.
We are at continual war with one another, over something, pretty much all the time, and now is no different, only on perhaps on a bigger, more insane scale.
The thing for us to do is to “see”(as in “observe”) and “understand” the fundamental root cause “together.”
To come to the “realization” together.

But in the current environment on this planet this would appear to be becoming increasingly less likely.

We appear to be poised on top of a potentially unprecedented and catastrophic precedence of the likes never before witnessed throughout all our history.

It’s as if Skepticism itself is being “Canceled.”

There is a ground swell, a mantra, a talking-point, a narrative…whatever, a repeated thought presently being beaten and drummed out into the mainstream media that the vaccine shots efficacy is “unquestionable”, and that the shot’s side effects are minimal and unserious.

In other words, there’s an active effort to dominate any form of conversation or dialogue around anything to do with the whole vaccination program.
There is a deliberate effort to squash and silence.
To disallow any discussion, any question, any dissent.
To censor.
To stilfe
To muzzle
To repress
To un-acknowledge
To disregard
To ignore
To hate
To blame
To shun
To shame
…and on, and on.

This is a recipe for utter disaster.

Just as it appears to be human nature for us humans to strive to obtain and then maintain the ability to dominate, control, and otherwise exert as much of our will over others as possible, it also appears to be very much hard wired within our nature to question.
Don’t forget…we still also discovered/invented and use science and the scientific method.

It’s totally and completely natural for us-humans to question and doubt. Skepticism is natural, healthy, and real.
It’s as if Skepticism itself is being “Canceled.”

We’re now abandoning any forms of skepticism and this is an utterly destructive, deadly, and catastrophic path that we humans appear to travel down time and time again.

So it’s like we are now witnessing two, very strong, and very deeply rooted human behavior patterns emerging and beginning to clash with one another.

My fear of what will ultimately come of all of this is the taking of lives to save lives. Again, something we humans are unfortunately incredibly good at!
This is a recipe for an immense flash point.

We can ask our brothers and sisters to engage in a discussion, or a dialogue so that we may come to understand and acknowledge each others concerns.
It’s as if each side is sweeping the concerns of the other under the rug.
As humans all living on this planet together we MUST acknowledge one another’s concerns.
This goes for everyone who is unvaccinated also hearing out the concerns of the vaccinated.

Everybody has a voice, and a right to voice their concerns and be heard and acknowledged by the other party.
When we start talking past one another the next thing you know we’re killing one another.
We’ve been doing this for far, far too long on this planet, and there is another way to live.

As unbelievable as it may sound, there is a way to live on this planet free from conflict, violence, corruption, fear(and desire) and so on, but one must allow oneself the complete and total freedom to explore and discover this for themselves.
The freedom to “look”, “see”, and “discover” for oneself.
This is also a natural and inalienable “human necessity.”

And so it is this “freedom to question” which is being challenged, squelched, or otherwise squashed.

We have been here so many, many times before.
Let’s end this destructive and repetitive pattern once and for all and allow peace to finally reign on this planet.